Blue Beetle Review: Beetle’s Stupid Family Ruins A 127 Minute Film

Everything about the DC Extended Universe has been a fundamental disaster from day one.

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When Zack Snyder was in charge of the show, multiple movies failed to perform up to its MCU bar-setting expectations. Even when DC put its most significant comicbook stars together in one movie for the 2016 ‘Justice League‘, the film was barely profitable and experienced mid-level reviews at best.

Everything since then has been one mediocre addition to the Warner Brothers collection after another. When the company got bought out by Discovery Inc., David Zaslav decided to award control of the company that James Gunn based on his success with the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy series.

We’re still years away from seeing what that vision is going to look like but until then DC has to continue to push out several film projects that are already dead in the water and ‘Blue Beetle’ may be the biggest Casualty in the water. Ever since 2018’s ‘Black Panther‘ Hollywood has assumed that if they front-load their film with a minority or woman, Audience members would run out with their hard-earned dollars to see someone on screen who looks like them.

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Hollywood has gone all in on the idea that representation is the most important aspect of a film above storytelling, acting, and cinematography. The evidence couldn’t be any more clear with the 2023 film ‘Blue Beetle.’ Warner Brothers assumed that a Hispanic actor in the lead role written by a Hispanic man and directed by another Hispanic man will draw out every Latino in the United States of America to check out their latest superhero film because they finally had someone who looked like them.

That was a major mistake in estimation because Warner Brothers manages to make their titled superhero character a second-class citizen in his movie. ‘Blue Beetle’ is a film about a young kid named Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) who has just come home from college but a lot has changed since he went to school.

His family is broke, they are close to losing the house, and his father suffered a heart attack while he was away. Understanding that he has to pull his weight, he decides to get a job working for Kord Industries, led by CEO Victoria Kord (Susan Sarandon). The family is keeping a major Secret about a Scarab that has the power to advance the next generation of military technology.

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When Jenny Kord (Bruna Marquezine) Victoria’s niece Gets wise of the plan, she decides to steal the Scarab and give it to Jamie without him realizing what it is. Jamie brings it home to his family things and get crazy as the Scarab chooses him to be its newest host turning him into a superhero with extremely advanced technology.

Unfortunately, the Kord family wants their equipment back and they will do anything to get it including going through Jamie’s family. There’s a serious problem with Hollywood and the problem is representation over Fundamental creativity. Thanks to years of pushing for more diversity and inclusion in films, Hollywood has opened the door to unqualified writers and directors to take on nine-figure projects they have no business controlling in the first place.

Ángel Manuel Soto is the director of this film and he doesn’t have a single film credit outside of shorts on his resume that justify him being in charge of a $125 million superhero film. Next to him is the film’s writer Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer known for writing the 2019 film ‘Miss Bala‘ which no one remembers and even fewer people watched.

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When you put unqualified people in positions of power, everything falls apart as a result. The film spins the majority of its 2-hour and 7 Minute run time smashing plates of progressive left wing propaganda in the faces of his audience. Everything from complaining about the racial treatment of Hispanics by white people, to anti-capitalism, transhumanism, and being anti-landlord.

The film even does a dramatized version of an ICE raid on the family of our protagonist to burn it into the memory of audiences that cracking down on legal immigration is wrong. This is a film about the family of Blue Beetle and not the title character.

While wanting to hammer down the representation of the Latino community in a major picture the film forgets that people paid money to see Blue Beetle not watch various members of his family steal his spotlight by stealing his opportunity to shine as a character that the audience is not familiar with.

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Whenever Blue Beetle has the opportunity to save the day and look like a hero, a member of his annoying family comes in to steal his glory whether it’s his grading sister or his onenote grandmother, that Playbook gets old fast. The film is so uncreative that the costume design of the villain of the movie is a direct rip-off of the film Pacific Rim which is another Warner Brothers production that was released 10 years ago.

They didn’t even bother to try to do different the two costumes from the movie under the same production company. The film is the corniest movie to come out in 2023. When Susan Sarandon isn’t doing her best Hillary Clinton impersonation, you have the one likable character in the entire film being weighed down by his annoying family for 2 hours. This film was already on paper to be the worst-performing DC movie ever and the quality of the film goes to show that the box office results of this film are much deserved.

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‘Blue Beetle’ goes down as the worst DC film of the entire year.





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  1. Sounds to me like alot of the movie’s problems could have been avoided by simply having Jaime be a college student living on campus, as opposed to just being home from college. That would’ve kept the annoying family out of it. Just because that gimmick worked with the first Shazam doesn’t mean you can copy-and-paste it into every other superhero movie, DC.

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