The Bar Room Podcast #26 (Alyssa Milano, Strange World, Balenciaga, Elon Musk, Will Smith)

This week on the podcast, Alyssa Milano has a very bad week on Twitter going to war with Elon Musk, Elon Musk goes to war with Apple, a multi-trillion dollar company, Disney loses 150 million dollars on woke children’s film and learns nothing, The rabbit hole into Balenciaga is dark and sinister, and does Will Smith deserve forgiveness for slapping Chris Rock in the face?



Balenciaga (4:44)
Alyssa Milano (37:51)
Elon Musk vs Apple (1:08:03)
Disney’s LGBTQ Agenda (1:22:53)
Will Smith (1:57:41)

Rick Aragon
Rob Motto



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