She Said Review: Hollywood’s Attempt At Rewriting Their Past

A phrase that I find myself using a lot these days is “It hasn’t even been long enough to forget” whenever progressives try to rewrite the history of the last five years.

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The MeToo movement is one of the most significant cultural scams of the 21st Century. The origins of the #MeToo movement have been one of the most prominent examples of gaslighting in modern history.

Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood heavyweight producer whose connections spanned from Hollywood to the White House was guilty of trapping young women into sex for decades. Some went along with it for the sake of advancing their careers and some didn’t but everyone knew the type of person Weinstein was.

Even shows like Entourage parodied the behavior of Weinstein dating back to 2004 so the idea of his behavior is a surprise is a fallacy of the highest order.

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Hollywood, the birthplace of cultural immorality has spent the last five years convincing the world that they are the champion of women’s rights after a guy who they protected for 3 decades got exposed as a violent sexual predator.

Universal Pictures “She Said” is a convenient retelling of how the MeToo movement started by painting two female New York Times Journalists as the heroes who used their power of truth to bring down the big bad wolf known as Harvey Weinstein.

Hollywood, the industry responsible for creating this monster, made a movie that reframes the heroes of this story as actresses, journalists, and themselves for telling this story. One of the biggest problems with this fictionalized story is when you look at the origin of #MeToo, there is no one to blame for this situation but Hollywood itself and they know it.

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In order to shield themselves from scrutiny, the left has spent years framing what happened in Hollywood as something that happens everywhere. Gaslighting the public into thinking that Hollywood’s problem is society’s problem. Americans don’t have President Barack Obama’s daughter working for them as an intern.

The most truthful thing about this film is that the #MeToo movement started as a political campaign to make sure that Donald Trump didn’t get elected as president in the 2016 presidential race. The film continues this primitive idea that Journalists (at least those who work for The New York Times) are objective truth-tellers when in reality they did everything in their power to prevent Donald Trump from winning and in the process of doing so, the Weinstein story go caught in the crossfire.

“She Said” tries its damnedest to compare Trump to Harvey Weinstein in an attempt to claim the problem was on both sides. Trump and Fox News are mentioned heavily in the 1st act to convince the audiences that this isn’t “just a Hollywood” problem when the numbers say otherwise.

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At one point, there is a scene where the female journalists are at a bar doing business and an obnoxious sexually aggressive man shows up to be a predator because the takeaway is, women are under constant attack by men.

When Hollywood has a target they want to take down, they portray Journalism as this investigating juggernaut much like films such as “Spotlight”. “She Said” provide no drama, we all know the story and the film only accomplishes telling its audience that women and journalists are good while men and “the system” is bad. The movie spends 129 minutes telling us something that we could have heard on Twitter in less than 250 characters.

“She Said” is nothing more but a subpar Oscar bait film that is the exact type of movie Weinstein’s company would have won an Oscar for. A film that only rubs the surface of the real story to protect those who were involved and are still playing the same games today.

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The cherry on the top of clown world’s pie is Hollywood awarding themselves for creating a movie that exposes the person they themselves protected.





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