My Son Hunter Review: Looks Like A Film That Was Shot In 4 Weeks

The story of Hunter Biden is probably the most oppressed media story of the 21st Century.


In the late stages of the 2020 United States presidential campaign, a news story by the New York Post was released stating that the son of the Democratic candidate for the president of the United States had a laptop with incriminating evidence of drug crimes, sex crimes, and financial violations.

In the wake of this news, Big Tech along with their allies in the global corporate media not only suppressed the story from being covered by any mainstream publications but actively censored those from even discussing the story on social media. Big Tech went as far as to suspend the New York Post for reporting the story and banned anyone who dared to share the article on social media platforms.


Big Tech and the Corporate Media claimed that they were protecting the election by suppressing misinformation that would make Joe Biden and his son look bad. In reality, they were doing everything in their power to make sure the sitting US president lost the election, even if it meant covering up the biggest political scandal since Watergate.

By suppressing the story, Joe Biden received the extra boost he needed to edge out President Donald Trump in key swing states in the 2020 election.


In the months that came after, evidence in a federal investigation showed that there was indeed validity to the New York Post’s original story. However, the damage had already been done. Big Tech and the corporate media had achieved their goal of removing the sitting president of the United States meaning their need to protect Hunter Biden was no longer necessary.

A movie about Hunter Biden will never be made in modern-day Hollywood by the same corporations such as Universal, Disney, and WarnerMedia who suppress the story in the first place.

Instead, we get a film out of Breitbart News which is throwing its hat in the ring of expose Cinema.


‘My Son Hunter’, which for legal reasons is called “not a true story despite the facts,” is the story of the President of the United States 52-year-old son Hunter Biden and the lengths that the United States Government and corporate media went to shield the public from his downward spiral.

The biggest flaw of this movie isn’t preaching to the choir which a lot of right-wing productions tend to do. The central problem is that the protagonist of the story here is Hunter Biden. The movie humanizes Hunter as someone who you would feel bad for if he wasn’t a 50-year-old man who sleeps with underage prostitutes, smokes crack like a Dave Chappelle character, and is probably the reason why we are giving away our financial future to Ukraine as we speak.


Hunter Biden is a crack-smoking party animal who is used as a middleman to launder money and book under the table International deals with the powerful people in Washington.

If you recall, former President Trump was impeached for threatening to look into Biden’s relationship with the country of Ukraine. The media blamed Trump for digging up political dirt on his future opponent pulling attention away from Biden’s relationship with Ukraine. Every time someone asks a question, the story always comes back to Donald Trump.


Now we live in the world just a few years after the election of Biden, the United States has given over 40 billion dollars and counting to Ukraine and it was the suppression of this story that allowed us to get to this point.

“My Son Hunter” is a film that attempts to laugh through the pain of the reality that has become of this story over the years but the only person you can really feel bad for is Americans who thanks to a massive coverup by corporate media dealing with the ramifications of life under Joe Biden.





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