Terror On The Prairie Review: A Strong Neo-Western & A Big First Step For Carano

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Gina Carano is a former MMA fighter turned actor, who is beloved by pretty much everyone who she worked with including fans alike. There was just one little problem, Gina Carano was not a progressive leftist. Gina Carano was a conservative and that was a problem in Progressive Hollywood.  Progressives began to turn on Gina Carano because she wouldn’t support things such as LGBTQ pronouns. She refused to back Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. She even refused to support authoritarian lockdowns that shut down the country for almost two years, a price that we are still paying for it to this very day with massive inflation. 

Because of this progressive launched a campaign on social media to cancel Gina Carano and get her fired from her Disney TV show The Mandalorian. They tried for months to fire her, to no avail until Gina Carano posted a meme on her Instagram page that compared people protesting lockdown restrictions to people fighting World War 2. Many in the media said that post was anti-Semitic because she was comparing people who are protesting lockdowns, mostly right-wing people, to Jewish people during the Holocaust. Once they were able to label her anti-Semitic Gina Carano, she was essentially blacklisted from Hollywood, fired from her show, and let go by her agency.

Gina Carano was effectively canceled from Hollywood.  That was until Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire stepped in and said we’re not going to allow Gina Carano to be canceled by leftists. Soon afterward The Daily Wire announced they were going to be producing and releasing their own films and attempting to challenge the Hollywood Machine.  A year has passed and we are finally seeing the end result of what happens when Gina Carano leaves Hollywood and moves to The Daily Wire that result is a film called Terror on the Prairie.

Terror on the Prairie is a film that stars Carano stars as Hattie McAllister, a St. Louis native now living on an isolated ranch with her husband, Jeb (UFC’s Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone). She’s miserable and longs to reunite with her family on friendlier terrain, but Jeb insists they stick to the plan. One day, Hattie and her son are interrupted by a group of men riding horses. The men seem harmless even grateful at first but once she brings them in for breakfast, she realizes that these men are far more dangerous than they let on. The men are led by their ruthless captain on a hunt to kill Hattie’s husband in the fallout incident that took place years earlier.  Hattie is forced to survive four dangerous men with her young child and infant baby.

Terror on the Prairie has been the Talk of the Town for numerous reasons. Many wonder if this would be the film that leads a revolution against Progressive Hollywood. The answer to that question is that if you’re expecting The Daily Wire to bring down Hollywood single-handedly, you’re going to be in for a long one. Terror on the Prairie is essentially an indie Thriller that was made outside of the traditional Hollywood Machine. The movie is chock-full of conservative and right-leaning actors who are all solid workers but don’t fit the mold of your traditional Hollywood circle.

As much as everyone loves Gina Carano, her acting has never exactly been her strong suit.  The film was smart enough to play up to her strengths and hide her weaknesses as an actress.  The heavy lifting of the film is done by veteran actor Nick Searcy, who does a brilliant job playing a former Rebel fighter with a vengeance. Searcy does the heavy lifting as performances go while Carano carries the film’s emotional side.

Hopefully, you’re a fan of Westerns because the first act is a little bit slow at the start for more traditional audiences. Because The Daily Wire isn’t a multinational corporation like Disney or NBCUniversal, the budget here is very limited, however, the filmmaking is done cleverly so that the lack of money isn’t glaring in the film.

This isn’t a movie for kids as the violence in the film is very brutal and over-the-top in certain scenes. The Daily Wire understands that this is going to be a film seen by mostly Gina Carano’s older fanbase who wants to see what her first film in her post-Hollywood career is going to look like. The core message of this film is about defending one’s family while praising both the maternal and masculine traits of raising and protecting one’s family. 

If this film were to be made by a major Hollywood studio, The message here would be all men are bad and all women are good.  The film would be rejecting the idea of masculinity but propped up women to take over that role. By not doing that the storytelling is far more believable and grounded versus something as pompous and arrogant as The Princess.

Terror on the Prairie is far from a perfect western movie, But it is a solid first effort by all accounts from The Daily Wire.  The real question moving forward is can Gina Carano keep this momentum going for her future projects and does The Daily Wire have momentum that they can start producing narrative movies that actually challenge and take down those with what we’ve seen from modern Hollywood?

That question is far from being answered before right now they’re on the right track. 





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