The Bar Room – Episode 2 (Neve Campbell, Black Adam, Joker 2, Ezra Miller, Letterboxd)

This week on the podcast, we are talking about Neve Campbell getting lowballed by Paramount Pictures for the new woke Scream movie. The Rock is FINALLY Black Adam after 15 years. The media is already starting a fear campaign during PRIDE week. Ezra Miller is a Batman Villian in the making. Finally, Letterboxd is censoring reviews of Matt Walsh’s documentary “What Is A Woman?”.


Link To The Full Podcast On Odysee:$/embed/The-Bar-Room—Episode-2-%28Neve-Campbell%2C-Black-Adam%2C-Joker-2%2C-Ezra-Miller%2C-Letterboxd%29/2d2c4728d38de34269fbf7eb92b3417f6ef7dd87?r=7Kp5nJ48gfzg2BpQpPbsbJgEJVmhgpq8


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