SocietyReviews Top 10 Worst Films of 2021

The only thing worse than having to live in a society where your government forces you to be a guinea pig in a global big pharmaceutics scam is having to sit down and watch one of these films. 2020 was one of the worst years for films in history but 2021 was far better. That doesn’t mean the films weren’t just as awful and we narrowed the list down to the 10 of the worst movies of 2021.


10. Tom & Jerry

“Tom & Jerry” (2021) is a creative disaster on every level. The opening segment presents animated penguins, which have no bearing on the main story, rapping to a ’90s hip-hop song by A Tribe Called Quest. It is a cringe-inducing opening that confuses everyone — and the film never recovers. The new “Tom & Jerry” live-action film doesn’t do fans or its target demographic any justice. Warner Bros. fails to have either a definitive marketing plan or a consistent contextual foundation. Better to watch the old “Tom & Jerry” cartoons on HBO Max with your family, as this incarnation offers nothing new.


9. Coming 2 America

Like a Tesla that punches you in the face as a replacement for functioning brakes, no one asked for this. Coming 2 America” is a horribly written comedy that justifies all the fears fans had about a sequel. There is no John Landis (co-director of the original), and Eddie Murphy isn’t as involved in the story. A story dipped in progressivism is only one of the film’s problems. Originality is an issue. The core story is simply a rehash of the first movie, done in reverse. Instead of Eddie coming to America to find love, his son comes to Zamunda to do the same. There are many callbacks to the original, which just reminds the viewer that it was a much funnier movie. And that the sequel is a train wreck. “Coming 2 America” proves the only thing worse than a sequel to a classic 1980s film is a sequel that tries to bring the franchise up to contemporary standards.


8. Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

It is difficult to understand or explain why the “Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” even exists.  You can only get so many laughs out of dropping F-bombs before you realize you don’t have much else to work with. None of the characters here are very likable, and they aren’t funny enough to excuse that. The plot doesn’t make the basic attempt to justify its existence, as the story is entirely based on one big misunderstanding — or what most normal people would label lazy writing. The worst thing about this film is Salma Hayek, when she isn’t finding a way to awkwardly shove her breasts in the face of the viewer for comedic effect, she spends most of the time running away and screaming expletives in a way that is neither funny nor convincing. Lionsgate’s A-List cash grab is a highlight reel of the worst of what Hollywood has become: a masterclass in soulless, cheap and uninspiring dreck.


7. Dear Evan Hansen

A 2.5 hour musical about suicide featuring a glorified sociopath as a protagonist? Hollywood refuses to let the young adult genre die despite the fact that maggots have already consumed the corpse. “Dear Evan Hansen” is the worst part of modern high schools. A dull, uninspiring and woke atmosphere doesn’t even give audiences a visual distraction from the melodramatic drivel they are forced to consume for more than two hours. “Dear Evan Hansen” is the cinematic equivalent of shooting yourself in the face with a revolver full of blanks.


6. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

If you thought the Paul W.S. Anderson movies were an insult to the Resident Evil franchise, this film holds the beer and takes the cake. How can you be asked to buy into a film that looks like a CW-level cast and production?  At no point in watching this film do you believe anyone is the character that they are playing on screen. There is a small shred of irony that the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company, the evil Umbrella Corporation, is making a comeback during an era where we are sending people to COVID camps for refusing vaccines but even then there is no saving grace for this film. For almost 20 years, Sony has tried to make a decent Resident Evil movie based on the videogames, and year after year, these films seem to get worse in quality.


5. Don’t Look Up


Now, most of you have heard the saying “the left can’t meme”, this comes from the reality that whenever modern progressives attempt comedy, it is never funny because they can’t separate their personal disdain from the punchline of the joke. The entire punchline of this film is that people either don’t care or are willingly ignorant to the reality that they are all about to die…just like with climate change. That’s right, the same people who can’t define what a woman is in 2022, blames their emotional instability on Trump and Putin, and thinks that personal fitness is a fascist far right ideology thinks that YOU are the morons in our society. ‘Don’t Look Up’ isn’t a satire or a black comedy, it’s an activist film that is heavy-handed like it is made out of diamonds. At one point, the film is literally just screaming at you like a mentally fragile activist who is upset you mocked the pronouns in their Twitter bio.


4. Venom: Let There Be Carnage

What do you get when you remove the lead screenwriters from a project and replace them with the lead actor of the movie? What do you get when you lose your director and replace him with Andy Serkis? You get a film that may go down as the very worst superhero film not starring Shaquille O’Neal. The dialogue is written for the lowest common denominator. The “Fifty Shades of Grey” screenwriter couldn’t figure out how to write characters that sound and act like human beings. Sony turned one of Spider-Man’s serious adversaries into a Disney Channel comedy act while having the audacity to tease a possible fight between the two characters in the future. “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is one of the worst-written films of the year. 


3. Chaos Walking

The most “Progressive” film of 2021 earns its place in the top 3 of the worst films list. Set on a planet, where the men have killed all the women (because of jealously of something) Daisy Ridley crash lands on a planet where you can listen to everyone’s thoughts. The film puts no effort into world-building the scenario they created. Chaos Walking is a case study of what happens when you give progressive hacks a budget of 85 million dollars and you spend an additional 40 million to fix their mistakes and the movie still sucks.


2. Vanquish

Who would have thought booking wooden actress Ruby Rose as an action hero would end horribly? A mother, Victoria (Rose), is trying to put her dark past as a Russian drug courier behind her, but retired cop Damon (Freeman) forces Victoria to do his bidding by holding her daughter hostage. The action is awful, the script is terrible, the filmmaking techniques require everyone on screen to “social distance” due to COVID restrictions. Morgan Freeman is in this mess and he looks like he doesn’t even want to be in this film. Vanquish is exactly what happens when people try to make movies based on agenda and not the art of filmmaking.


1. Candyman

With the record violence coming out in the city of Chicago, someone decided that the biggest problem in the city was, Gentrification? Jordan Peele’s “Candyman” wins the top spot for worst film of 2021 running away. Not only was this a sequel that no one asked for but it is arguably the most hateful film in the last decade. Soaked in Black Nationalism, the film lives in a reality where white people have ruined the city of Chicago and Candyman becomes the vigilante superhero seeking justice but killing whites, most of them haven’t even done anything to deserve death. A rallying cry for a race war may be entertaining for New York University film students but Candyman (2021) isn’t creative enough to channel its anger and resentment to be the mainstream horror film it wants to be.




Honorable Mentions


Halloween Kills

Space Jam: A New Legacy




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  1. “You get a film that may go down as the very worst superhero film not starring Shaquille O’Neal.”

    Hey! Don’t talk shit about Steel. It’s a better film than anything put out this year (yes, that includes Dune and Spiderman, because at least it’s a complete movie that doesn’t rely on the nostalgia of past films to hold it up)!

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