Quarantine Retrospective: Chasing Papi

A good looking actor or actresses can make even the most absurd Telenovelas tolerable.

Twentieth Century Fox

Then again, some would say that is the appeal of Mexican Telenovelas in the first place.

You put three good looking actresses in a film and you’ll be surprised at what you are willingly to put up with for 80 minutes.

Chasing Papi is the story of three ridiculously attractive Latin woman in three parts of the country who all manage to fall in love with the same guy at the same time.

Roselyn Sanchez as Lorena, a bookworm lawyer from Chicago who has no idea how ridiculously hot she is.

Sophia Vergara as Cici, a cocktail waitress from Miami who knows how ridiculously hot she is.

Twentieth Century Fox

And Jaci Velasquez as Patricia, a New York socialite who just wants to get away from her nagging mother…but is also really attractive.

Together they fall for Tomás, played by Eduardo Verástegui, a real life Telenovelas heartthrob who is trying to juggle three hot women at the same time (poor bastard).

The writers of this film, Laura Angelica Simon and Steve Antin seemly disappeared from Hollywood shortly after this so it’s hard to gauge their train of thought for this film.

Twentieth Century Fox

Chasing Papi comes off as a satire of soap opera dramas. For those of you who aren’t into soaps, much of the nuance and humor will probably go over your head. The film is lighthearted and camp, not meant to be taken seriously, if anything it’s a straight forward romantic comedy.

The real question everyone wants to know is that if you were in Tomas’s position which woman would you choose? Jaci Velasquez won’t get a fair shake being the lesser known of the three women but is not slouch. So the choice here is between Roselyn and Sofia. Personally i’m taking Roselyn seeing how well she has held up since the film and given the fact much like the movie women like Sofia bring federal level of trouble with them.

Chasing Papi is a campy time killer than values beauty of quality.


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