Quarantine Retrospective: The Craft

The Craft is one of those films you liked as a kid but are afraid to watch again as an adult over fear the movie didn’t hold up as well as you thought.

Those fears for the most part are unfounded here.

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I’m 100% convinced that this film inspired the Warner Bros TV show Charmed. Especially when Love Spit Love’s ‘How Soon Is Now?’ begins playing minutes into the film. Charmed became a show about three good witches who use their powers to fight the evil. The Craft is about four naive young girls who think witchcraft is the answer to their live problem.

The story here is four attractive young misfits who are way too good looking to be social outcasts look to witchcraft in order to improve their lives. Bonnie (Neve Campbell) suffers from severe burn scars, Nancy (Fairuza Balk) deals with her horrible mother and abusive stepfather, Rochelle (Rachel True) is a diver subjected to racist bullying, and Sarah is new girl who has already exhibition powers of witchcraft.

It’s pretty easy to sympathize with the girls here. They are all dealing with a pain in their lives that they foolishly lean towards witchcraft for solution. As their wishes and desires begin to escalate so does the consequences of their actions.

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The girls have some fun making people float or changing their hair colors but the deeper into the arts they get, the worse the outcomes are and as with every story of great power and great responsibility, power always leads to corruption.

The film is well cast but Fairuza Balk is easily the star of the show as this film put her on the map as a 90s Queen. Her unique look and charisma had all of the making for her to be a major star in Hollywood if personal issues hadn’t derailed her train.

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The Craft came out just 7 months before Neve Campbell blew up with the Scream franchise but in this film, she’s dialed back for the most part in favor of Robin Tunney.

There isn’t much substance to this film but it’s well done enough to be enjoyable.




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