A Sweet Christmas Romance Review: Keep It Simple Stupid

There is no shame in admitting this, the only reason I sought this film out was because of Adelaide Kane. A charismatic and attractive lead can keep you hooked long enough to look past even the most ridiculous premises. Premises such as closing down a popular bakery because you fall in love with a guy online and are moving to Alaska to be with him. Not only that but you are handing over your business to the person who can bake cookies similar to yours…


A Sweet Christmas Romance stars Adelaide Kane as a New York food stylist named Holly who returns home for Christmas to learn that the owner of her favorite childhood bakery is retiring and has started a contest to give the bakery away to whoever can recreate her famous 12 Days of Christmas recipes. When a local baker also enters the contest, the two adversaries end up cooking up something special together for the holidays.

The heart of this film is our main character Holly trying to stop good looking guy #1 from ruining the town’s bakery by selling his fancy-schmancy French bullshit when the only thing anyone wants is sugar cookies…keep it simple stupid. The film follows the Hallmark formula to a tee. A young woman happens to run into an old attractive friend who she had a crush on for years but never pulled the trigger on a relationship, the plot brings them both together and by the film’s end, a new relationship is created. The story could have been much better which a much more realistic setup. Even for a feelgood film, there are just too many issues with the story to overlook.

A Sweet Christmas Romance succeeds in making you crave for sugary sweets for the holidays but not much else.




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One thought on “A Sweet Christmas Romance Review: Keep It Simple Stupid

  1. “Adelaide Kane. A charismatic and attractive lead can keep you hooked…”

    I know what you mean. I’m a big fan of a movie called “Penelope”, which is so bad it isn’t even on DVD. Nevertheless, it stars Natalie Wood at peak adorable and that’s enough for me to watch it every year when it shows up on TCM.

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