Rewriting history in real-time is what makes the progressive left…the progressive left. The second season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan has been released on Amazon Prime and the plot is centered on the fall of Venezuela. Now since this show is written by Hollywood elites, there was no way they would actually tell the truth and say that the socialist policies which they all championed had anything to do with the collapse of the country. Instead, they decide to blame the situation on…right-wing nationalism.

As Amelia Hamilton from Newsbusters reports, In the first episode, “Cargo,” Jack introduces the two Venezuelan presidential candidates to a class at the CIA. A young female history teacher running on a “social justice” platform and a mean Trump-like figure running on a “nationalist” platform…guess who the show paints as a bad guy? The character of Jack then begins to explain why it was nationalism that brought down the country and not socialism.




JACK: The fact is that Venezuela is arguably the single greatest resource of oil and minerals on the planet. So why is this country in the midst of one of the greatest humanitarian crises in modern history? Let’s meet President Nicolas Reyes. After rising to power on a wave of nationalist pride, in a mere six years, this guy has crippled the national economy by half. He has raised the poverty rate by almost 400%. Luckily for the rest of us, he’s up for re-election. So, who’s running against him? This is Gloria Bonalde. Now, Gloria is a history professor turned activist. She’s running against him on a social justice and on the strength of, in my humble opinion, just not being an asshole.


For the last decade, Venezuela has been in a state of siege with a starving population, and a destroyed economy as socialist hero turned dictator Nicolas Maduro has waged literal war against his dictators in order to make his country a one-party state. While Hugo Chavez succeeded in re-writing the Venezuelan Constitution allowing the state to seize control of health care, college, private property, the oil industry (The ultimate socialist platform) it was Maduro who oversaw the fall as the country quickly ran out of funds to run all of its social programs.

Venezuela is the biggest modern-day example of socialism being tried and failing on a countrywide scale. So it’s important for the progressive left to shift the blame of their failures on the right-wing as they continue to push for the same policies that destroyed Venezuela here in the United States of America. Jack Ryan season 2 looks to be doing a great job running interference for Bolsheviks.




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