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Artist Takes Heat For Sexy Rey Drawing…Proceeds To Double Down

Online artist devilhs, has a large collection of prints but it was one he did of Disney's Star Wars main character Rey that went viral and won him many fans and enemies.

On days where The Washington Post is making the argument that we should get rid of the 1st amendment and enforce “hate speech laws”, it is important to remember that the 1st amendment protects freedom of expression as much as it protects freedom of speech. One man’s freedom of expression got him some serious heat on the internet as one of his drawings severely upset the ‘force is female’ Star Wars fans.

Online artist devilhs, has a large collection of prints but it was one he did of Disney’s Star Wars main character Rey that went viral and won him many fans and enemies. As the drawing made its rounds on the internet, the initial reaction drew disgust and outrage as many Twitter users proceeded to label the artist sexist for his work.



After intense backlash, Devilhs proceeded to defend his work against online attacks.




Then Devilhs closed the door on the Rey controversy like an absolute mad lad..he drew yet another Sexy Rey drawing.





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  1. I don’t see a problem with this image. I think it’s pretty cool honestly, so what he made her chest bigger. What’s the big deal about that? Everyone has the right to draw and say what they want. People attacking this guy over that seriously need to grow up.

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  2. Gross and pathetic. Drawn like a pig who has literally never seen an actual woman’s breasts in real life. Not even well done, artistic, original or interesting… just drew a random plain face on a recycled garbage body. Daisy Ridley is 1000% times sexier than this trite pile of sh,t.


    1. Amen my sister. I agree wholeheartedly. Women should wear niqab at all times and go out only with the man of the house’s permission and at least accompanied by a man with blood relation or father or husband. These drawings are all haram and whoever drawn it should be blown to smithereens. Also if you are not a muslim yet, I suggest to go to the nearest mosque to learn more about Islam. Inshaallah your sins will be forgiven if you convert, subhanallah.


      1. Congratulations. You just proved you’re a sexist pig by saying something this sick and disgusting.


  3. The feminazi’s and SJW’s need to get a life. He has the right to draw whatever or who he likes! You DON’T have the right to push your wacked out veiws and do called beliefs on the artist.

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  4. Look, a lightsaber with two breasts attached.

    Leia was sexy. She was brave, strong, and beautiful. By contrast, Rey has all the personality of a drinking fountain. Boobs can’t make cardboard cutouts sexy.


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