CBS’s ‘The Good Fight’ Encourages Radical Leftists To Punch Nazis & Limit Speech

While the left wants you to believe that calling out Ilhan Omar for her comments downplaying the 9/11 attacks is somehow putting her life in danger, Media and Television giant CBS has no problem producing and promotion a show that encourages people to punch who they deem to be ‘Nazis’ in an effort to limit their speech.


As first reported by Newsbusters, In the April 11 episode of the CBS All-Access show The Good Fight, titled “The One where a Nazi Gets Punched”, at the end of the episode where white nationalists cause a riot at a Democrat polling place, one of the main characters monologues to the audience that he was taught to never throw the first punch, not to be an instigator, but then he saw a video of white supremacist Richard Spencer being punched. Because Spencer was being interviewed and treated like Neo-Nazism was just another political view, Jay goes full ANTIFA and decides that, “There’s no better way to show some speech is not equal, some speech requires a more visceral response.” He concludes, “It’s time to punch a few Nazis.”

The show played a video of White Nationalist Richard Spencer getting sucker punched by a radical left member of ANTIFA, a Neo-communist violent organization who attacks people in the name of fighting fascism while wearing masks. The left has praised this attack on Spencer and have popularize the “Punch Nazis” movement behind it as a way of justifying violence against their political enemies. The video went viral online until it was called out by right wing personalities that the show was outright justifying violence against anyone the left labels a Nazi.

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In a previous episode of the show, viewers caught a list that appeared to have encouraged the assassination of President Trump and bombing of Mar-A-Logo. The show’s third season has received rave reviews by critics as it current sits at 95% on Rotten Tomatoes with overwhelming praise about the show’s year.


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3 thoughts on “CBS’s ‘The Good Fight’ Encourages Radical Leftists To Punch Nazis & Limit Speech

  1. Is there any other reason why conservatives, libertarians and traditional liberals will fight back right now and 2020? Because their tired of this progressive bull crap. Punching “nazis” really? Do these progressive activists working on this show know what nazi stands for? *coughNationalSocialistcough*
    Also another reason to never buy CBS All-access. Definitely not getting that.

  2. CBS is a publicly owned corporation but controlled by the Redstone family. The voice of CBS is, like so much of the left media, the voice of billionaire oligarchs.

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