24 Million dollars may not sound like a huge haul, but for a market like South Korea, this is a film that is setting a lot of box office records. I know it may have seemed like Holmes and Watson murdered the genre of comedy to the point that it will need to have a closed casket funeral but I am pleased to announce that comedy it is alive and well. Extreme Job (known as Geukhanjikeob in Korea) is the funniest comedy I’ve seen in at least a calendar year.

The film begins with a highly incompetent narcotic squad whose job is to cause thousands of dollars in property damage in the act of chasing petty criminals. Down to their last chance to prove their worth to the department, the group goes undercover to stake out a local drug gang. Their cover is running a fried chicken restaurant across the street from the hideout to keep an eye on the criminals. The problem lies in the fact that the group is FAR better at selling chicken than they are investigating the bad guys. So much better, they have to decide if they are cut out to be narcs or if frying chicken is their true calling.

This film is ridiculous from the very beginning and it never stops being entertaining. The opening chase scene of a drug dealer running in the streets from a group of dimwitted cops is one of the funniest comedy sequences in years. It is so refreshing to see a comedy that doesn’t rely on terrible improv, dick jokes, or pop culture references to get its laughs. Extreme Job seamlessly mixes good action with great comedy while managing to pace the story so that it’s always progressing and never overplays its gags. The chemistry of the cast is outstanding, each cop has a distinct personality that makes the film a hit. I can’t put over this film enough, watch it and you are guaranteed to be entertained, not to mention the food in the film looks pretty damn good too.








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