Is Marvel Hiring A Butt Double For Brie Larson?

In one of the oddest and most humorous stories of the week, Marvel Studios is searching for a ‘butt double’ for reshoots of Avengers 4 due out next year. Disney is scheduled to begin a series of reshoots over the coming weeks as it prepares for a lengthy post-production. In a Georgia Central Casting Facebook page (GCC) ad, they call for additional photography and a ‘butt double’ presumably for Brie Larson who is set to play Captain Marvel in the latest film.

Warner Bros.

The Casting Call states…

****FEATURE FILM – Mary Lou****
Working multiple dates starting September
Location: Fayetteville, GA
Rate: $125/10

Central Casting is looking for a Photo Double to work on this exciting project. Filming will likely begin in early September; you should have a flexible schedule and ability to work multiple days a week through October. An interview and fitting will be required within the next 2 weeks. Filming will mostly take place in Fayetteville & the Greater Atlanta Area. Experience is preferred. You MUST fit these size requirements:

-Woman #1: Looking for a female who appears to be Caucasian, 20’s-30’s. Height 5’2 – 5’4, Bust 32B – 32D, waist 25 – 27, hips 36 – 38, dress size 0-4. Hair color: BLONDE

ONLY SUBMIT IF YOU FIT THIS DESCRIPTION! And follow the instructions carefully or you will NOT be considered! To submit, send an email to and include: your name, phone number, height, weight, sizes, current photo(s) and a resume of any relevant experience. For photos, you MUST include:

1. a headshot
2. full body shot of your front side, head to toe
3. full body shot of your back side (wearing ALL BLACK, leggings or yoga pants- must be form fitting).

Please put “BODY DOUBLE” in the subject line.

Now in the act of fairness and accuracy, we have to state that the call doesn’t directly say that the double will be for Brie Larson as it could also be for Scarlett Johansson who plays Black Widow in the film. But while we are still in the speculation stage of the story we speculate…


Image result for uncomfortable face gif

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23 thoughts on “Is Marvel Hiring A Butt Double For Brie Larson?

  1. They should have caught this issue way before now. How in the fuck am I supposed to believe that flat ass chick is gonna save the MCU? Literally unwatchable.

  2. Hum, I’m not sure whether to think this is really offensive (though obv leaning towards yes) or not since I honestly don’t know much about the kind of work that doubles do, not counting stunt doubles whose function seems pretty self-explanatory. I just don’t see the purpose of this double. I mean what’s wrong with Scarlett Johannson’s or Brie Larson’s body/butt (as the add says) as it is currently? And even if they don’t look the part as the producer/director/whoever wants it, lots of actors go through extensive training for movies (isn’t it actually very common) … ?? It’s not like fans are really going to care about that, we’re more foccused on the story of the movie and not on someone’s flat (or not) ass. I can’t say it enough times – I don’t see the purpose of this double.

    1. There is one thing to keep in mind, The Original Ms. Marvel character used to look like a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, despite the fact the look of the character has drastically changed since then, the MCU wants the character to somewhat match that original look for now. The problem is Brie Larson isn’t that person if that is what you are going for. As far as the purpose of the double, many actors used doubles to represent the physical image of a character that they can’t provide, it’s pretty common. Considering this is a superhero hero movie, I can only spectate that the producers want to present that larger than life character in establishing shots.

    2. Yeahhhhh I think the booty double is for Scarlett Johansson……but Larson might need saving on that end😂😂😂

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