Skyscraper Review: Dumb Fun That Is Far More Dumb

Some films require you to turn your brain off to enjoy, this film confiscates your brain before you enter the theatre. Skyscraper is the latest film featuring the last action star of Hollywood Dwyane Johnson as Will Sawyer, a former FBI agent who lost his leg in a rescue mission gone bad. Now he is the head of security for the most technologically advanced high-rise building in the world created by Chinese Billionaire Zhao Long Ji (Chin Han). Sawyer is set up by a group of criminals who want to gain access to the building in arguably the most convoluted movie plot of the year while trying to save his family who just happens to be the only person between the 98th and 200th floor.

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If you thought this movie would be a new age Die Hard…you thought. Turn your brain off and this is a decent B action movie, otherwise, the film is marinated in a sea of unrealistic moments, plot armor, and unnecessary plot points. If you can believe that a 6.4 billion dollar building can be controlled using an Amazon Fire 8, a 90 pound small Asian woman can clear out a room full of mercenaries with guns, a 300 pound Dwyane Johnson climbing 100 floors and somehow having enough energy to clear a 50 foot jump (29 feet being the record) that even Captain America would have trouble with, you can accept anything.

However, there was ONE aspect of the plot that hurts the entire film because it makes no sense. If the villains of this movie just wanted one little flash drive that was locked in the penthouse of the building and they already had access to the controls of the whole thing…why did they need to set the entire building on fire to get it? They already managed to get to the top of the building before setting the building on fire, they couldn’t come up with a plan to enter the penthouse that didn’t involve burning down the entire structure to create a distraction?

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Skyscraper is dumb fun and has more dumb than fun. But if you are looking for dumb, then the movie is pretty fun.




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