God’s Not Dead A Light in Darkness Review: Waste Of A Movie

I already knew this film wouldn’t be popular among critics, but when Dana Loesch makes a cameo in the film, I knew that somewhere in America, David Ehrlich was having an epileptic fit at what was on the screen in front of him. God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness is the 3rd film in the God’s Not Dead series. After a freak accident that has left his best friend dead and his church burned to a crisp, Reverend Dave (David A. R. White) is now at a crossroad as everything he has worked for and every relationship he had is now at the mercy of a nasty legal battle between the Church and the University it is founded on.

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The success of this series is baffling to progressive critics because atheists are usually portrayed as the antagonists and not protagonists (That and a Muslim character converting to Christianity really angered some people even though that was the entire point of the scene). Two years ago I watched God’s Not Dead 2 and I only thought it was ok, not good. God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness is better than that film, but still isn’t very good but its central problem…the story.

The film begins at a jarring point of the story where it seems rushed to the point you feel like you missed 20 minutes of setup. Even when the story gets going, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was the wrong story to tell. The plot is centered around a possible lawsuit about the future of the Church. Watching it, everything that I liked had nothing to do with the story. I liked the banter between Dave and his brother Pearce (John Corbett) which feels genuine and it legitimately funny at times. Jennifer Taylor is great on-screen but underused in the larger scope of the film.

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The subplot of troubled young adults at a crossroads in their lives doesn’t really get any, time to grow and honestly, they could have done without them to begin with. If Reverend Dave is getting the bump to the main event status, the story should have been more centered and focused on him. Instead, what we get is a messy Frankenstein of a movie that fails with its target audience and the people who are going to need blood pressure meds after watching this film *cough* David *cough*. God’s Not Dead III, is okay but its failure to capitalize on its potential is it’s biggest failure and that shouldn’t be an issue in your third film.




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