Collide Review: A Low Budget Popcorn Flick

Collide is a low-budget action film starring Nicolas Hoult and Felicity Jones, two British actors pretending to be Americans in Germany while on the run from the biggest drug dealer in the country.

Open Road Films

Casey (Hoult) steals cars for a local drug dealer Geran (Kingsley), but decides to quit his job and go legit when he meets Juliette (Jones), a local barmaid in Cologne. When Juliette needs a $200,000 kidney replacement surgery, Casey decides to go back to a life of crime to get the money she needs. Along the way, he interrupts a multi-million dollar drug smuggling ring and must avoid being tracked by every criminal in the country to save his girl’s life in time.

The film is essentially a series of car chases as Casey survives one crash after another only to have to run again in a completely different vehicle. I don’t know if the budget went to paying the actors or the super expensive cars they destroyed along the way. The film’s premise is basic and noble and doesn’t try to be anything more than that. The actors completely chew up the scenery here with their characters, especially the veterans Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins playing two opposite ends of the criminal underworld. Felicity Jones is underused despite being a key element of the story and Nicolas Hoult is a solid leading actor in this B Action Movie.

Open Road Films

The movie is not the best and it’s not the worst, it’s the textbook definition of a quick action movie you would watch on Netflix if you had nothing else to do and for that, it succeeds at what it needs to be. Collide is a quick, corny, and a standard action movie…a popcorn flick if you will.




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