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Black and Blue Review: At What Point Does This Film Become A Parody?

Black and Blue takes place in a fantasy version of New Orleans where nobody speaks with a southern/cajun accent and is about as subtle as smashing someone’s skull in with a brick in the middle of a busy mall. 

Film Reviews

Rampage Review

I don’t know why Hollywood acts like making a decent movie based on a video game is the equivalent to a torture trap created by Jigsaw. After the complete bore that was Tomb Raider, the next Hollywood cash grab on the queue is Rampage. If you don’t remember Rampage, it was basically a game where a giant wolf, gorilla, and lizard destroy a bunch of buildings in various cities. So it took FOUR people to write a movie that makes its own plot irrelevant so fast, they could have just started the film at the last 30 minutes and it would have made just as much sense.