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Miss Bala Review: A Cartel Thriller That Wears Out It’s Welcome

Miss Bala is a film starring Gina Rodriguez as Gloria who is a makeup artist from Los Angeles, one day she decides to visit her best friend Suzu in Tijuana, Mexico (where all good things happen) and things go wrong almost immediately. Gloria and Suzu are caught up in a power struggle that turns deadly at a local nightclub leading to Gloria getting kidnapped and forced to work for a drug cartel. Things get even muddier when the DEA gets involved and now Gloria must not only find her missing friend but survive an international incident before death or prison becomes her only options.

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Annihilation Review

Due to a poor test screening, there were concerns that the film was “too intellectual” and “too complicated” for mainstream audiences…Look I understand you put 55 million dollars behind this, but anytime someone says that a film is “too smart” for audiences, its Hollywood’s condescending way of saying that you are too stupid to understand their vision.