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The Mule Review: Eastwood Redeems Himself In Gritty Celebration Of Family

Earlier this year, Clint Eastwood wrote and directed a film starring three young heroes who stopped a terrorist attack in France called The 15:17 to Paris. Unfortunately, this gamble did not pay off as the movie with amateur actors bombed critically and didn’t reach the heights that Eastwood set for the film. Ten months later, Eastwood has a chance at redemption with a film called The Mule and Eastwood does not flub his second chance.

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A Star Is Born (2018) Review

With Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga officially tasked to star in this movie, for months there has been buzz that this movie is a lock for Academy Award season and it hadn’t even premiered yet. Well, the wait is over, and the film that everyone can’t stop talking about and Lady Gaga fans even tried to sabotage reviews for Venom (as if a Sony film needs fake bad reviews) to make sure the film opens at number 1. The question is, does A Star is Born deserve the massive hype behind it, or is this another example of Hollywood loving itself more than audiences?