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The Upside Review/Discussion (The Media’s Attempted Sabotage Of The Film)

Critics have a hard enough time these days maintaining credibility in the face of being called shills for certain studios or even being criticized for being the wrong race and gender to review a movie in the first place. Fair or unfair, it is a bad look for the industry to turn into attack dogs that serve push the agenda of ideologues and I’m saying this as an openly biased critic. Is The Upside a great film? No, but it is a very good one but if you are waiting for mainstream critics to tell you that, you may be dealing with people who decided to sink the movie before it ever had a chance.

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Seth Meyers’s Twitter Account Mocks Victims Killed By Illegal Aliens

It is no surprise late-night comedy has become a hotbed for progressive hate. A former Samantha Bee writer Travon Free’s recently had racist And anti-semitic tweets resurface. Late Show with Stephen Colbert writer Ariel Dumas apologized last year for tweeting about her happiness in helping to ruin Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s life.  Sarah Silverman and Michelle Wolf’s progressive talk shows were recently canceled and every other late night host has become a battle of who can hate Donald Trump more.

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Disabled Activists Upset At Bryan Cranston For Playing A Quadriplegic In ‘The Upside’

The upcoming film, The Upside, has had an uphill battle from day one. The film that was shot and released at the Toronto Film Festival 2 years ago, has been held up due to the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood sex scandal. Co-star Kevin Hart is currently under fire for homophobic jokes made nearly a decade ago and now the film’s other co-star Bryan Cranston is under fire for playing a quadriplegic because he is allegedly taking a role away from disabled people.


Comedy Is Dead…And The Left Killed It

The prevailing narrative created by the left seems to be that if something is offensive to say, then you are not allowed to say it. Some would argue that this believe is the antithesis of a free society but I’m sure those people would be smeared as alt-right for believing in the basic fundamentals of free speech. The one industry where the freedom to say whatever you want in this country used to be the land of stand up comedy.

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Kill Mobile Review: Didn’t I Just Watch This Movie Like 6 Weeks Ago?

Last month, I reviewed the South Korean Comedy Intimate Strangers and when I saw the trailer for Kill Mobile, I literally thought it was the exact same movie…and I was right. The 2016 Italian film Perfect Strangers is currently spouting remakes all across the globe. So since I’ve already watched the South Korean version, let’s see how the Chinese version holds up.