Anti-Freedom British “Actress” Sophie Turner Continues To Lecture Those Beneath Her

If there is one thing progressives love more than their own contempt for independence, it is picking an issue they believe makes them morally better than everyone else.

Twentieth Century Fox Film

Progressive “actress” Sophie Turner, known for being a Joe Jonas’s wife, hates the idea of freedom. She hates the idea that people like you, people who go to Walmart because you were not on a highly viewed HBO show, are out there somewhere not doing what you are told. After 280 days of “15 days to flatten the curve”, Hollywood celebrities have on thing to say to you Walmart shopping knuckle draggers…PUT ON A MASK!!!

Sophie Turner shamed people who defy mask mandates in a Instagram Post:

“If I can wear a mask while I give birth, you can wear a mask at Walmart. And that’s the tea.”

Progressives have adopted the unproven belief that wearing cloth and sometimes paper mask will somehow prevent you from spreading and contracting COVID-19. Hollywood puppets such as George Clooney took to airwaves yesterday to tell people below him to just put on the damn masks.

You see in states like California, where the overwhelming majority of progressive elites live, they have been under mask mandates and harsh shutdown since the beginning of the outbreak. However, as of December 17th, California has the most COVID cases in the country and more deaths than states like Florida that has been open since the beginning of summer.

In order to cope with the reality that progressive policies are not working, they decided to blame the failures of California’s mandates on the fact that people are simply not wearing the masks and that’s why the virus is still spreading in their state.

People like Sophie Turner, who are beneath shopping at a Walmart has no idea that Walmart mandates all of their customers wear masks back at the beginning of summer. Walmart is the only place in the country where mass amounts of people are allowed to gather thanks to far left governors and majors shutting down their states and cities.

Sophie Turner doesn’t care that she moved to a country at actually values freedom and independent liberty, as a matter of fact, she came her all the way from the United Kingdom to tell Americans that she doesn’t give a fuck about your freedom…no, she actually said that.

Back in March, she demanded that everyone stay inside their homes and not leave until the government told them to.

“Stay inside. Don’t be fucking stupid, even if you count your freedom over your health.”

“I don’t give a fuck about your freedom. You could be infecting other people, other vulnerable people around you by doing this.”

The bootlicking British actress may believe that she is the Queen in the North in real life, in reality, she is a authority figure that no one elected to speak and even fewer people would volunteer to listen to, especially about issues above her pay grade.

If Sophie Turner hates freedom so much, she could always go back to the place where boots taste like beans on toast.


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