Adam McKay Hopes His Republican Hate Will Fuel His 60 Million Dollar Anti-Republican Film

Adam McKay who is the writer, producer, and director of the upcoming movie Vice is not holding back in his anti-republican views in hopes that his new film gets the Academy Award recognition that he’s shooting for.


Intimate Strangers (2018) Review: Not Sure This Is The ‘Comedy’ You Were Expecting

It’s probably true that most people have information on their phones that could destroy their lives or somebody else’s, then again that doesn’t excuse the fact that some individuals are just terrible people. Intimate Strangers is a film about one night that goes terribly wrong because everyone has a secret to hide.

Former Samantha Bee Writer Travon Free’s Racist And Anti-Semitic Tweets Resurface

It was only one week ago that Samantha Bee on her Late Night show Full Frontal was making the case that conservatives were dog whistling anti-semitism in America following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. While Bee wasted no time blaming her political opponents for anti-semitic rhetoric, it seems like members of her own writing staff had a much bigger problem with hateful comments towards Jews.

2018: The Year The Celebrity Endorsement Died

As it stands, Hollywood is nothing more than a political farm for the Democrat party and on those grounds, it is simply easier to ignore everything you have to say and in some cases, vote IN SPITE of your opinion. Americans have the ability to use their own minds and come to their own conclusions…the celebrities in Hollywood don’t.

Mashable Slams Diablo Fans For Not Being Happy About Mobile Game Announcement

The only thing that is worse than the current state of journalism in this country is the current state of gaming journalism (you could insert pop culture journalism, the result would be the same). The problem seems to be that Progressive writers of these outlets simply use their platform to attack and demean fans who reject the agendas that are shoved in front of them.

Bohemian Rhapsody Review: Strong On Music, Weak On Drama

Oh God…can you believe that at one point Sacha Baron Cohen was set to star as Freddie Mercury? Dodged that bullet. There is no denying that Freddie Mercury is one of the greatest and most iconic voices in the history of music. But not many people in today’s age know the rise and fall of the band Queen.

Samantha Bee Grasps At Straws To Call Republicans And Trump ‘Anti-Semitic’

If you watch Progressive late-night TV (any show, pick one), you have probably come to the conclusion that President Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, bigot, who is literally the next Adolf Hitler. You are also supposed to believe that he is such a hateful bigot that he needs to use “code words” and “dog whistles” to cover up his bigotry. That is what Progressive late-night host Samantha Bee believes on her latest episode of Full Frontal.