Hollywood’s History of Communism By RazörFist

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“‘Those witches did not exist. Communists do.”


Communists Against Samantha Bee? Chinese Media Urges Bee’s Firing

“Media are supposed to conduct fair and objective reporting,” it continued. “Even if some people hold that comments can be subjective as they are more about stance, expressing one’s position by flinging abuse undermines the US media’s credibility.”

Action Point Review

Action Point offers no story, no solid acting, no real homage to the theme park it’s based on, and even if you came here to get the lowest common denominator of entertainment you are left with much of nothing.

Upgrade Review

If someone was going to make a Robocop remake with Tom Hardy but didn’t have 100 million dollars to make the one with Tom Hardy, this would be the best possible outcome that they could hope for.

Social Animals Review

If you find this film in any way relatable, it’s time to have the long hard look in the mirror because you are doing something if not everything wrong. Social Animals might be a painfully awful comedy, but it is a great instruction manual on how NOT to live your life and that is the only reason to watch this film.

Disney’s Star Wars And The Problem No One Will Talk About

Star Wars is a dark place right now because if you look at the schedule of future movies, the next Star Wars film doesn’t come out until December of 2019. Disney is going to have to sit on this failure for 18 months. Even when we get the new trailer for Episode 9 whenever that is finished, the damage has been done.

Future World (2018) Review

You know Future World was doomed to fail when you saw “Also Starring Snoop Dogg” in the trailer. A film that was shot two years ago is a good sign that Lionsgate wanted absolutely nothing to do with this movie and it wasn’t because of Franco’s #MeToo allegations, it was because the film is horrible.