Schumer: F*** Hyde-Smith And Anyone Who Voted For Her.

Progressive activist and part-time comedienne Amy Schumer, who has yet to move to Spain since Donald Trump won the election is still reeling from the fact that Democrats are losing elections. On Tuesday night, Schumer posted a video on Instagram slamming the state of Mississippi and anyone who voted for Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.


Trevor Noah: The Second Amendment Was Not Made For Black Folks

Jon Stewart may have done more damage to late night television than any other man in history because since he stepped down from The Daily Show in 2015, late-night comedy has turned into pseudo-intellectual progressive propaganda shows with most of Stewart’s former ‘comedians’ leading the charge. If you need proof, look no further than Jon’s Daily Show replacement, Trevor Noah who used his ‘comedy’ show to state that the constitution doesn’t apply to black people in America.

Huffington Post Can’t Figure Out Why Audiences Aren’t Spending Money On Woke Films

At some point, progressives are going to have to figure out what #GetWokeGoBroke actually means. Two weeks ago, I railed against the latest Steve McQueen movie Widows, you can read the review to understand why it is one of the most pathetically ‘woke’ films of 2018. So when I saw an article written by Matthew Jacobs and Zeba Blay of the Huffington Post berating audiences from not spending their money to go see it, my first reaction was…

Robin Hood (2018) Review: ANTIFA Batman Fails With Everybody

Nothing says down with the capitalist system like a 100 million film that panders to Marxists in hopes of creating a new cinematic universe. Robin Hood in many ways is a blueprint figure for the modern-day Democrat party, steal from the evil rich people and give their wealth to the righteous poor. So why does a film which such a story fails so badly with critics and audiences?

Creed II Review: Formulaic But Engaging Rocky Film

The Rocky Balboa franchise has been around since 1976, 42 years later and the series is still alive and kicking. Three years ago, the franchise took a different direction not focusing so much on Rocky himself, but on the son of franchise favorite Apollo Creed, Adonis played by Michael B Jordan. The film was a smash hit which even saw Sylvester Stallone win a Golden Globe for his performance.

Ellen Pompeo Get Woke On Porter Magazine: It’s Our Job Because We’ve Created The Problem

According to Jemele Hill, if you are a white person, the only way to be a true ‘ally’ to minorities is to follow the lead of actress Ellen Pompeo. On Monday, Pompeo along with fellow actresses Gabrielle Union, Gina Rodriguez, and Emma Roberts sat down with Porter Magazine for a roundtable discussion for the publication’s annual “Women in Television” issue.

The Front Runner Review: Gary Hart Isn’t As Interesting As He Is Sold In The Film

Believe it or not, there was a time in America where journalists questioned their own ethics when writing and reporting a story…about Democrats. If you are a Republican, you can damn sure look forward to journalists screaming loaded questions from halfway across the room while they wrestle the mic away from your interns just to make you look as bad as humanly possible.