Dave Bautista Slams Disney, Threatens To Quit Guardians Vol. 3 Over Script

Dave Bautista has been busy making headlines over the fact that James Gunn remains fired from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol .3 for resurfaced rape & pedophilia jokes on Twitter. Yesterday the former wrestler turned actor posted this message on Twitter


The Darkest Minds (Guest Review ft. Amari Sali)

It all took place around 6 years ago. Some unnamed being, force, or attack, led to 90% of either America’s or the world’s, kids to die. Those that remain all had enhanced abilities separated by how dangerous they are. The lowest level, Blue, simply had enhanced intelligence. From there, kids had electrical powers or telekinetic powers. Beyond that though are the dangerous ones. The fire breathers and those who could manipulate and control minds. Our hero, Ruby, is one of only two known “Orange” class still alive. The orange class are those who can manipulate minds and the only other one with his power is the US President’s son, Clancy. Someone who is touted as the first cured.

Death of a Nation Review

I wasn’t going to review this movie originally, but given all the recent politically loaded films being released such as The First Purge, Sorry to Bother You, and BlacKkKlansman; why not watch a film that didn’t paint America as such a terrible place? To the surprise of no one, Dinesh D’Souza is one of the most hated figures of the American left for his politically charged films that don’t virtue signal in the right way. So it should be no surprise to anyone that the left HATES this film. By why?

Celebrities Use Racial Slurs To Attack Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott For Supporting The National Anthem

Despite the quick backlash over his comments, Prescott says he is standing by his criticism of the protests.

“I am not oblivious to it,” Prescott told the Star-Telegram. “You get on social media, you see it. It doesn’t bother me. I said what I said. You have an opinion. Everyone else has an opinion. They are entitled to it as well. I accepted what they said and respect it. They should respect mine.”

Jeremy Hambly Of ‘TheQuartering’ Attacked At GenCon Purportedly By Matt Loter

Last night at the popular gaming convention known as GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana; popular Youtuber Jeremy Hambly who runs the Youtube Channel ‘The Quartering’ was brutally attacked by Matt Loter, owner of Elm City Games. The attack occurred last night after Matt allegedly walked up to Jeremy, asked him his name and proceeded to attack him until finally pulled apart by witnesses at the scene.

Artist Timothy Lim Presents Latest Indiegogo Project: Trump’s Space Force

Trump’s Space Force is described as a high octane, kinetic thrill ride blending over-the-top science fiction adventure with political satire and humor. With the announcement of the real-life Space Force becoming a reality and the current state of the comics industry catering to a one-sided ideology, the team behind Trump’s Space Force wants to deliver a quality book that tells a great story, captures the current zeitgeist, and entertains with dynamic art.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cast Demand James Gunn Be Rehired, Will Disney Reinstate Him?

330,000 people have also signed a Change.org petition asking for Gunn to be reinstated. So why are so many people demanding Gunn be rehired? Better yet, will Disney do a 180 and bring Gunn back after denouncing him just two weeks ago? A better question is, why all the support for James Gunn that wasn’t awarded to others in similar situations in the past. The answer is really simple, politics. 

What Disney’s 21st Century Fox Deal Means For Hollywood and Entertainment

On Friday, Disney and Fox’s shareholders voted to approve The Walt Disney Company’s $71.3 billion purchase of 21st Century Fox. While many people are looking at the surface level outlook of finally getting to see Wolverine teaming with Captain America in the movies, there are others far more concerned about what this means for entertainment now that Disney now officially owns a massive portion of the market share.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Review

There haven’t been that many movies this summer that has felt like summer blockbusters. Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the exception for the summer. From the awesome trailer to the sight of Tom Cruise doing even more stunts that only a madman would attempt, the hype behind this film was only matched by Avengers: Infinity War. After watching this film, Ethan Hunt might well be an Avenger and after the events of Infinity War, I think they are a few job openings.