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Border Town Comicbook Canceled Following Writer’s Sexual Assualt Allegations

The politically divisive comic book from DC Vertigo, Border Town, a series that was praised by mainstream critics and the comics industry for portraying Trump supporters and conservatives as violent racists has officially been canceled following sexual assault allegations against the writer of the book Eric M. Esquivel.

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Study Uses ‘The Bechdel Test’ To Claim Movies ‘Lead By Women’ Make More Money Than Men

Yesterday afternoon, a study comprised by Hollywood Agency CAA, tech company Shift7, and ‘Time’s Up’, the legal defense fund claimed that movies that are ‘lead by women’ make more money than films lead by men. The purpose of the study was to make the argument that women are bigger box office draws than men and thus Hollywood should follow suit in making more ‘inclusive’ films.

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DC Vertigo Comics Writer Eric Esquivel Accused Of Sexual Assault

Cynthia Gerriets Naugle posted a lengthy blog entry detailing multiple instances of alleged sexual abuse that she claims she suffered a few years ago at the hands of her former manager of a comic shop in Tuscon, AZ. In detailed rundown by Bleeding Fool of the events, Naugle claims took place over a period of months in 2012/2013, it is now believed her abuser is Bordertown Writer Eric Esquivel of DC Vertigo Comics.

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When Getting Woke Goes Wrong: Ariana Grande vs Transgender Activist Eli Erlick

Transgender Activist and former INTO writer Eli Erlick, thought he had a spicy take on Ariana Grande’s latest music video ‘Thank U, Next’ accusing the video and the artist of being ‘anti-queer’. The writer has since been fired from the outlet and run off of social media after death threats from the LGBT community and angry Grande fans. 

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Trevor Noah: The Second Amendment Was Not Made For Black Folks

Jon Stewart may have done more damage to late night television than any other man in history because since he stepped down from The Daily Show in 2015, late-night comedy has turned into pseudo-intellectual progressive propaganda shows with most of Stewart’s former ‘comedians’ leading the charge. If you need proof, look no further than Jon’s Daily Show replacement, Trevor Noah who used his ‘comedy’ show to state that the constitution doesn’t apply to black people in America.

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Ellen Pompeo Get Woke On Porter Magazine: It’s Our Job Because We’ve Created The Problem

According to Jemele Hill, if you are a white person, the only way to be a true ‘ally’ to minorities is to follow the lead of actress Ellen Pompeo. On Monday, Pompeo along with fellow actresses Gabrielle Union, Gina Rodriguez, and Emma Roberts sat down with Porter Magazine for a roundtable discussion for the publication’s annual “Women in Television” issue.