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Hollywood Pushes Claim That Trump Administration Is ‘Erasing’ Transgenders Before The Midterms

Progressives for years have tried to redefine gender from the traditional male/female dynamic and change it into 51 definitions that are only based on what a person feels. The pushback to insert their ideology at the federal government is a major blow to progressives who are hoping that this controversy fuels enough people to vote Democrat in the midterms in two weeks. 


Hollywood’s Latest Democrat Propaganda Campaign Is Not Doing Very Well

t seems like Democrats and Progressives have no problem whatsoever finding the biggest names in Hollywood for campaign videos explaining why voting Democrat is so important, it is also amazing how little everyday people listen to these stars when they do. 

Hollywood Backing Away From Their Saudi Arabia Partnership

It was only five months ago that Hollywood was courting the Saudi Royal Family in Los Angeles with hopes that the Saudi government would in return shower Hollywood with billions of foreign dollars that they couldn’t make here in the United States. Well, it looks like the Hollywood-Saudi relationship is over before it even got off the ground.

Jamie Lee Curtis Fully Supports The 2nd Amendment…With Conditions

Halloween actress Jaime Lee Curtis has taken some heat this week promoting her next movie which comes out next week. Outlets like Breitbart have called out her stance on guns while using guns as a big marketing tool for her new film. So Curtis decided to defend her views on guns in an interview with USA Today by stating “I fully support the Bill of Rights. And fully support the Second Amendment.” 

Stephen Colbert Writer Ariel Dumas “I’m Just Glad We Ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s Life”

Late night television used to be something that everyone could enjoy not too long ago, however, now it has simply become an outlet for Progressive anger, hysteria, and vitriol towards anyone outside of the hive mindsets of Los Angeles and New York City. Last weekend, a writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Ariel Dumas got herself into trouble not for saying something that progressive disagree with, but for saying it out loud.