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Full Woke: Jessica Chastain On White Women In Hollywood: “Your silence is your discrimination.”

Chastain, 41, is well-known for being an outspoken feminist in Hollywood. In 2016, she founded her own production company, Freckle Films, which is headed by all female executives (because ‘equality’) and leads the Time’s Up initiative with 300 other women in Hollywood to help combat sexual violence in the workplace post-Harvey Weinstein.

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P. Diddy’s 180 On The NFL: ‘Don’t Want to Be Associated with Oppressing Black Men’

One change that the rap star had wanted to make was to end Colin Kaepernick’s forced retirement. After pursuing a plan to purchase the Panthers along with Golden State’s Steph Curry, Diddy wanted to sign Kaepernick to a contract.

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Deadline Hollywood: While Hollywood Marches For Gun Control, Every Major Movie Has Guns This Year

While one Hollywood actor, celebrity, producer, singer, and director after another puts their time and money into efforts that will put more restrictions on the ability to buy guns, some celebs going as far as calling for a repeal of the right to bear arms, it seems like when it comes to using guns in their multi-million dollar film productions, their anti-gun stance doesn’t hold up as strong.