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Communists Against Samantha Bee? Chinese Media Urges Bee’s Firing

“Media are supposed to conduct fair and objective reporting,” it continued. “Even if some people hold that comments can be subjective as they are more about stance, expressing one’s position by flinging abuse undermines the US media’s credibility.”

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Late Night ‘Comedy’: Samantha Bee Calls Ivanka Trump A ‘Feckless C***’

Samantha Bee did not want to talk about the Roseanne Barr’s story this week, probably because she couldn’t lecture her about being offensive five minutes before calling Ivanka Trump a feckless cunt on her show. 

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Deadline Hollywood: While Hollywood Marches For Gun Control, Every Major Movie Has Guns This Year

While one Hollywood actor, celebrity, producer, singer, and director after another puts their time and money into efforts that will put more restrictions on the ability to buy guns, some celebs going as far as calling for a repeal of the right to bear arms, it seems like when it comes to using guns in their multi-million dollar film productions, their anti-gun stance doesn’t hold up as strong.

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Meek Mill Cancels His Meeting With The White House After Jay-Z Intervenes

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill was reportedly convinced by fellow rap star Jay-Z to back out of a scheduled meeting at the White House on prison reform with President Donald Trump.

On Friday, TMZ reported that Mill would visit the White House on Friday to discuss prison and criminal justice reform at a meeting chaired by President Trump, but added that “some celebrities have contacted Meek urging him not to go.”