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Kevin Feige Says Ms. Marvel Is In The Works For The MCU

Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige recently spoke to BBC Arabic’s Husam Asi, and Feige revealed that Marvel Studios has plans for the Kamala Khan to join the MCU after Captain Marvel is introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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Antarctic Press No Longer Publishing Jawbreakers: Lost Souls After Intense Pressure From Progressives

Earlier today I wrote that progressive comic book professionals were trying to stop the release of Jawbreakers: Lost Souls by Richard Meyer after the INDIEGOGO project surpassed $200,000 yesterday on their final day. Two days after Publisher Antarctic Press announced they planned on releasing the book in September, the publisher has succumbed to relentless pressure from progressives in the industry. 

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Progressive Comic Book Professionals Trying to Stop ‘Jawbreakers’ Release After 200K Campaign

Earlier this week I wrote about Conservative Youtuber Richard Meyer, aka Diversity & Comics crowdfunded INDIEGOGO project Jawbreakers: Lost Souls. At the time of the article posting it had just passed $150,000 in backing. The campaign ended up finishing with a stunning $206,626 and 5,735 backers. Publisher Antarctic Press announced they would publish the comic and several progressive critics began colluding to prevent local comic shops from carrying the book.

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Richard Meyer AKA ‘Diversity & Comics’ Crowdfunds Over 150K For Graphic Novel ‘Jawbreakers’

Back in February, I wrote an editorial titled Is #MoveTheNeedle The Time For #Comicsgate To Step Up Or Step Aside? Conservative Youtuber Richard Meyer, commonly known as his YouTube name Diversity & Comics rose to fame last year on the back of his videos that criticized the work of various comic book creators (Mainly those under the umbrella of Marvel Comics). 

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Samantha Bee’s “SuperHero” Turns Out To Be A Violent Woman Beater ‘Allegedly’

Progressive late-night host Samantha Bee is scrambling to distance herself from a man she only 6 months ago called a “superhero who could stop President Donald Trump.” Democratic New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a leader in the progressive #MeToo movement resigned his position Monday night after the New Yorker reported on four women accusing him of physically abusing them during romantic relationships.

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Marvel’s Captain America Writer: “Kanye Is Not Black, Wants White Freedom”

The biggest takeaway here is that the next writer of Marvel’s Captain America will be a guy who fundamentally hates America…because that will put butts in seats. Youtuber Yellow Flash has already stated that he will boycott this comic given Coates past comments in which he called 9/11 first responders “Not human” for their playing a part in the oppressive system and referred to “White America” as a “syndicate” designed to “dominate and control our bodies.”