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Disney Halts Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Production Following James Gunn Firing

In a exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter, The production of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is being put on hold for the time being as Marvel and Disney regroup on the project. While sources say the plan is to find a new director for the project and rethink the direction of the film, Crew members who were assembling in Atlanta for per-production, are being dismissed and are free to look for new work.

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Stealing Solo: A Captain’s Parody (IndieGoGo)

Welcome to the first WCBs Indiegogo project, Stealing Solo: A Captain’s Parody. Stealing Solo is a Star Wars parody of the current state of the franchise. The story is simple a group of men, after the utter disappointment that was Episode VII, decide to kidnap Harrison Ford and force him to remake the movie in their basement. Stealing Solo started out as a joke on the podcast and now it is going to become a full fledged comic book, but the ambition doesn’t stop there. Ultimately, Stealing Solo is destined to become a film that embraces the absurdity of the situation and celebrates the true spirit of Star Wars, but that’s only possible if we work together as a community.

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Kelly Marie Tran Finally Responds To Rumors Of Online Harassment

Two months ago, Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran was the subject of online harassment that was supposedly so bad, she deleted her Instagram without warning or explanation. Today, Tran has finally responded in an essay written in the New York Times. While she doesn’t go into detail about what was said that made her pull away from social media, she goes into detail about how it made her feel as a woman and a person of color:

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Is Marvel Hiring A Butt Double For Brie Larson?

Central Casting is looking for a Photo Double to work on this exciting project. Filming will likely begin in early September; you should have a flexible schedule and ability to work multiple days a week through October. An interview and fitting will be required within the next 2 weeks. Filming will mostly take place in Fayetteville & the Greater Atlanta Area. Experience is preferred. You MUST fit these size requirements:

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Disney Will Not Bring Back James Gunn But Will Use His Script For Guardians Vol. 3

In an exclusive report by Variety, despite weeks of furious lobbying for James Gunn to be rehired as the director of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 following thousands of tweets that involved subject matter of rape and pedophilia, Disney stands firm in their decision to remove him as their director but insists that they will use his script for the third installment. 

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Comic Crusaders ‏Pulls Article By Chelsea Pendragon Advocating For Violence Against ‘Nazis’

Former Comic Crusaders writer Chelsea Pendragon recently wrote a now-deleted article entitled “To Punch a Nazi or Not to Punch a Nazi?”. The devout feminist writer references the Matt Loter alleged assault on The Quartering’s Jeremy Hambly. The article not only makes the point the violence is necessary against ‘Nazis’ who harass but calls for more violence against them