Monday Night Movie Club #34: Nefarious (2023)

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This week on the Monday Night Movie Club, Jacob Smith, Rob Motto, and Rick Aragon review the latest film from Steve Deace from Blaze TV Nefarious. On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon, and further claims that before their time is over, the psychiatrist will commit three murders of his own.



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One thought on “Monday Night Movie Club #34: Nefarious (2023)

  1. …Yeah the ending bit does break the emersion to some sense, but it feels like people took away points just because GB was in it. Dude is literally in there for 5 mins playing the role of a talk show host who is hosting an author on a book tour (It made sense with the shoehorned plot device). I think a 4- 5 1/2 is a solid rating for the flick if people can put aside their idolatry and personal feelings for someone they may not align politically with,

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