RetroWave Reviews #11: Disney’s The Jersey (1999)

Yep, we are talking about arguably the best live-action show in the history of the Disney Channel. The problem is most people don’t remember or have never heard of it because Disney has kept the show in the vault since 2004.

‘The Jersey’ was a sports-based comedy sitcom that was based on the Monday Night Football Club books written by Gordon Korman. Based in St. Louis but shot in Canada, ‘The Jersey’ was about a group of teens Nick Lighter played by Michael Galoeta (who passed away in 2015), his cousin Morgan Hudson (Courtnee Draper), and their two best friends Coleman Galloway (Jermaine Williams) and Elliot Rifkin (Theo Greenly). The group is known as the MNFC, a club that gathers every Monday Night during football season to watch the big game of the week.


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