Will & Jada Pinkett Smith’s Egos Just Killed Comedy

Because Jada Pinkett Smith couldn’t take a mild joke from comedian Chris Rock, the art of comedy itself is now under attack and we may have already past the point of no return.

By now everyone already knows what happened.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on global television because his wife was bothered by a joke that wouldn’t even qualify as a PG. “G.I. Jane 2, can’t wait to see it”. That is all it took to send Will Smith into a rage that led to him assaulting and screaming at Chris Rock in front of a global audience. 

While the likes of Tyler Perry and Bradley Cooper consoled Will Smith’s fragile ego before he was awarded his first Academy Award, the precedent that this incident has already started to take place and it’s leading to a place that signals the end of society.

The narrative that it is justified to physically assault a comedian if they make a joke that offends you is the exact notion that is going to kill comedy (and free speech) and we can all thank Will & Jada’s horrible sham of a marriage for it.


The progressive left for years has been trying to convince society that words are a form of violence and violence is a justified reaction to words. It has more to do with the fact that progressives are incredibly soft and can’t handle criticism. Like most communists, progressives believe in surpassing speech through violence. 

Many people on social media including those in the Academy themselves are claiming that Chris Rock deserved to get hit because he made a joke about a black woman’s hair. 

The same people who scream about Nazis have no problem using the tactics of Stalin.

But this time around, even left-wing comedians are speaking out against the Smiths and are taking a stand because they know what this incident means for them. If we allow Will & Jada to declare open season on comedy, then everyone in the business has a target on their back and they know it.

Multiple big-name comedians are taking a hard-line stance against Will Smith and the people defending his assault on Chris Rock. 


Two years ago, I wrote an article entitled “Comedy Is Dead…And The Left Killed It

Back then I asked will left of center comedians who are at the forefront of defending free speech finally take a stand a say “enough is enough” to protect the sanity of the business that made them stars in the first place? Or will everyone fold and allow the definition of comedy to be dictated by political brown shirts who will tell you what you can and can’t laugh at.

It is time to draw a line in the sand…You are either in favor of free speech 100% or your next comedy gig is going to end with you being stretchered out because you offended a mentally unstable progressive.

The time for fence sitting is over.


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3 thoughts on “Will & Jada Pinkett Smith’s Egos Just Killed Comedy

  1. That list of tweets is impressive – comedians from all over the spectrum seem to realize the danger of not taking a joke. Thanks for the article!

  2. Consider that Chris Rock has been telling harsh, sometimes mean-spirited jokes about conservative and Republicans for decades, and we just laugh it off. But out of all people, who assaults him over his free speech? Another rich Hollywood liberal. You think he’ll learn anything from that? Not bloody likely.

    Anyway, congratulations to all you #OscarsSoWhite whiners. You finally got a Black Oscar ceremony. I hope it was everything you dreamed it would be.

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