If you can’t stop the spread then what is the point outside of coercion?

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has entered the league’s health and safety protocols and is expected to miss several games as he has tested positive for COVID.

James revealed on Lakers media day back in September that he had received the COVID-19 vaccine after it was announced due to league policy he would be ineligible to play in cities where vaccination was required such as San Francisco and New York City.

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving, who is unvaccinated, is not allowed to play games for the Brooklyn Nets in New York as the city requires players to be vaccinated before they can enter the Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden, a policy that does not apply to players of visiting teams.

The sports media slammed Irving for refusing to get vaccinated labeling him selfish, yet it is “Fully Vaccinated” Lebron James who has come down with the virus.

The NBA is mandating COVID booster shots for players who have either gotten the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or have gone six months since their second shot.