While the media continues to point the finger at the unvaccinated, it continues to be “fully vaccinated” individuals that continue the spread of COVID-19.

The Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League announced Monday that the team had temporarily halted their season after ten players were forced to sit out due to COVID-19 protocols. The team announced that their next three games have been postponed until further notice.

The NHL released a statement on the matter, saying that the team had coordinated with medical officials and found “evidence of continued spread of COVID in recent days.” The team’s practice ice rink and training facility have also been shut down as a precaution and will remain shuttered until Saturday.

The move canceled the team’s next three games, the first of which was scheduled for Tuesday night against the New Jersey Devils. The NHL announced that it was working to reschedule the games for later dates.

The Senators boast one of the highest vaccination rates in the league but being fully vaccinated has done nothing to control the spread of COVID 19.