Radio Host Told Not To Mock Demi Lovato Now “They” is “Non-Binary”

Yes, America is getting dumber by the second.

Matt Siegel, the host of the popular Boston-based radio show Matty in the Morning, took a stand against his boss on Wednesday’s show after he was told to stop talking about Demi Lovato’s recent announcement where the singer revealed she identifies now as “nonbinary”.

Nonbinary is an extension of the ever changing LGBT community where a person decides not to ” identify” with female or male identity. Because of this, Demi Lovato now has to be referred to as “They/them” instead of “she/her”.

According to The Boston Globe, Siegel was in the middle of addressing Lovato’s announcement which included some jokes that are a staple of the longtime host’s humor when he claimed that the higher-ups of his show told him “you cannot talk about what you’re talking about.” Siegel’s home radio station, KISS 108fm, is owned by iHeartMedia.

“Today I was anti-wokeness and I can’t do that, so basically, what I’m told is, I can talk about light, funny things like where the Jonas Brothers are going to be but I can’t do what I really want to do, which is just be a funny comic and tell it like it is,” he said on the air. “So I’m ending my portion of the radio show right now. It has been a hell of a run, but I think it’s coming to an end.”

“By the way, it’s a joke — the whole binary thing. I don’t care what Demi Lovato does, but now we have to worry about, you might offend someone,” Siegel continued. “So I basically offended right-wing people, and today I offended left-wing people.”

Matt Siegel of Kiss 108 FM′s “Matty in the Morning” returned to the airwaves Thursday explaining that he was not leaving his show. Siegel spoke about Lovato’s announcement again Thursday morning.

”Somebody has to say this is ridiculous, you know. And the company was like – ‘What? You can’t talk about that,’” he said. “It’s like somebody has to say ‘Are you kidding?’ Like life’s not complicated enough. Now you’re telling young people they don’t know what they are. I say, please. You know what I’m saying?

Siegel went on to say said that if “we live in a world where you can’t say what you want, and I’m not talking about swearing, but in traditional radio boundaries, if I can’t say what I’m thinking I don’t want to do it any more.”

Siegel faced similar messaging from the radio station prior to the November presidential election when he was criticizing Donald Trump.

“They pulled the plug on me and they said ‘You cannot talk about what you’re talking about,’” Siegel said. “If I’m left wing and I go anti-Trump, I get in trouble, and today I was anti-wokeness and I can’t do that.”



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  1. Someone being “Non-Binary” is a sign that that person has become a full blown Marxist.

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