The line in the sand is quickly being drawn as the push to force unwilling Americans to get the non-FDA approved COVID vaccine intensifies.

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane said Wednesday on One Bills Live that he’d cut an unvaccinated player if it meant the team could operate like “normal” and without the constraints of Covid-19 pandemic protocols.

Buffalo Bills fans will be forced to get the COVID vaccine if they plan on attending any games this season and now it looks like you won’t be allowed to play for the team itself without the vaccine.

Beane said players who are vaccinated will only have to test once per week and if the team reaches a certain “x number of percent of players” who are vaccinated, the it can hold in-person meetings without restrictions.

OBL co-host Steve Tasker followed up Beane’s explanation by posing a hypothetical: If you’re one player away from fulfilling the ratio requirements, do you just cut a guy that’s not vaccinated?

“Yeah, I would, because it’d be an advantage,” Beane said. “These meetings were not as productive as before because you guys saw in the field house, we had three and four meetings going on. And sometimes you’re talking over each other, but it was the only way to pull it off and be socially distanced. It would be an advantage to cut a player and fall under that umbrella.”

Players who are not fully vaccinated are expected to be required to take a Covid test every day they come to the facility, like it was last season. 

Bills quarterback Josh Allen made headlines earlier this offseason when he said that he was unsure whether he was going to get the Covid vaccine.

“I’m a big statistics and logical guy,” Allen said. “So if statistics show it’s the right thing for me to do, I’d do it. Again I’d lean the other way too if that’s what it said. I haven’t been paying attention to it as much as maybe I should have. I’ve just been doing my thing and masking up when I’m going out and just staying close and hanging around family.”

The progressive media is getting increasingly upset that people are turning down the option to get the vaccine by choice, so now the push begins to make you take the vaccine by force.

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