I’m Done With ‘The Earth Is Doomed’ Movies

I’m done…I’m not playing this game anymore.

Recently, I attempted to watch the South Korean film ‘Space Sweepers’ and I tapped out after 4 minutes? Why you ask? Because i’ve seen this film 20 times in the last two years and i’m not watching it again.

The ‘Earth is Doomed and now we have to go to space to escape’ genre of films has been done to death so many times, it’s beginning to become necrophilic.

The problem has only gotten worse now that progressives have injected far left propaganda is to virtually every Hollywood release and one of their biggest talking points is “climate change”. The world is going to die unless we start paying higher taxes, start eating bugs, and accept communism. In order to push this point home, Hollywood is flooding the market with films that always begin with Earth’s demise because we ruined the planet…yawn.

It all started with Chaos Walking, a film starring Spiderboy and Brickface about trying to populate a planet full of evil men because the last one was screwed up…yawn.

Then you had Voyagers, a film about sending horny teenagers to space to populate a new planet…yawn.

Then you have the god awful movie called ‘Bliss’ where scientists create an alternative reality about synthetic biology, asteroid mining, and some other bullshit about the elites controlling the world because human have ruined Earth…

I’ve completely tapped out of dystopian climate change world is ending garbage, any film I see using this format will get a 1/5 by default with no chance of an appeal.

You can’t even send a rocket into the cloud without having it explode, stop acting like you can build a space bus to leave Earth.


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