Lebron James Targets Police Officer Who Saved Someone From Being Stabbed To Death

Blood is in the water following a panel of jurors finding former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty Tuesday on all three charges in connection with the May 2020 death of George Floyd.

But this is not the time for togetherness and healing. Black Lives Matter activists are out to take down more white police officers even the ones who actually saved black lives.

On Wednesday, Progressive NBA superstar Lebron James took to Twitter and targeted a Columbus, Ohio Police Officer with the simply message “You’re Next”.


James has over 50 million followers on Twitter.

The officer in this photo is the officer who shot 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant. At the time, the false media narrative claimed that Bryant was unarmed and being attacked which is why she called the police in the first place. This was a lie. Columbus PD released the body came footage which showing Bryant attacking another woman with a large knife as police arrived at the conflict. The officer then shoots the woman before she can successfully stab another person.

Because nearly every Black Lives Matter narrative is built on a lie, super smart basketball athlete Lebron James thought it would be a good idea to target a police officer who was actually the hero of scenario because “Black Lives Matter”.

Lebron James has since deleted the tweet but the message was every clear, it is open season.

The United States is on a dark path and there is no light in sight as we continue down this road.


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One thought on “Lebron James Targets Police Officer Who Saved Someone From Being Stabbed To Death

  1. LeBron James is got to be the dumbest millionaire on the planet step back get the fax before you open your big mouth I don’t watch basketball I don’t watch baseball and I don’t watch football because the guys like LeBron James

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