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YouTube Demonetizes Hamin Media Group For Wrong Think

Hamin Media Group Is No Longer In Good Favor With Youtube Due To Wrong Think

Pro Wrestling and Free Speech Outlet ‘Hamin Media Group’ is feeling the pressure from Big Tech after their channel was completely demonetized without reason or warning.

On Wednesday morning, the outlet received a message from YouTube stating that the platform was removing all monetization of the channel due to a “significant portion of the channel” not meeting YouTube Partner Program standards.

For those not familiar with Hamin Media Group, the outlet is run by New York based Pro Wrestler Bin Hamin who runs a podcast network featuring pro wrestling personalities such as Stevie Richards, Billy Ray Valentine, and Vince Russo. One of the most popular shows on the brand is “The Conspiracy Horsemen” where a panel of guys within the pro wrestling industry talk about the latest in conspiracy from aliens, government, and the occult. The show has drawn guests from John McAfee, Lord Jamar, and Krayzie Bone for high level discussion on many cultural topics.

YouTube however is a platform unfriendly to discussion on topics that the terms of service doesn’t agree with and Hamin’s channel was stripped of the ability to make money without warning.



A few months ago, Hamin Media Group was banned from Twitch due to “copyright claims” that are currently being appealed.

YouTube is a platform that allows videos featuring gay sex and Cardi B to trend without an age restriction but conversations about topic that scare Silicon Valley is not allowed. All of Hamin’s content can be found at hackerhamin.podbean.com and haminmediagroup.podbean.com

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