Paid Liberal Propagandist Uses Atlanta Shootings To Bash America As Racist

Lies and Narratives are most important than the truth.

Last week, A Georgia man shot and killed 8 people in a shooting spree that spanned three locations. Six of the eight people who were killed were Asian and that alone was enough for progressives to use dead bodies which weren’t even cold to push their political agenda.

British late night propagandist John Oliver took to his ‘Last Week Tonight’ show to use this tragedy to label America as racist despite the fact that even police have confirmed there is not evidence of race being a motivation for the shootings.

Oliver attacked America by saying: “I am really glad that he condemned hate crimes against Asians there but to say they are un-American. I would love to visit the nation that exists in Joe Biden’s head. Because it’s a place where racism is [using air quotes] ‘not who we are’ and racist attacks against Asians are somehow ‘un-American’ despite the fact that, far be it for me to explain this to someone who seem like he’s lived through most of American history, anti-Asian racism has long been a fact of American life.”

Oliver went on to criticize authorities for refusing to label the shootings a hate crime: “A white man driving across two counties going to three Asian-owned businesses shooting and killing six Asian women in a city that’s only about 4 percent Asian sure as shit seems more like a hate crime to me than a ‘bad fucking day.'”

The only problem with Oliver’s statement is just like a Porta Potty at Woodstock 99′, it’s completely full of shit. Officers never claimed the shooter just “had a bad guy”. After arresting the shooter, they interviewed him in where he admitted that his sex addiction was the motive of his crime. The shooter who had animosity with massage parlors where he was likely a frequent client and decided to take out who he viewed as the causes of his sex addiction.

In other words, there was NO racial motive to his attack, there is NO evidence of racism outside the simple fact that most of the victims were Asian. But progressives subscribe to the idea of “never let a tragedy go to waste”.

The left sudden moral concern for the Asian community stems from two issues. One is to create a counter-narrative for people blaming China for creating and spreading the coronavirus…which they did. Secondly, is to blame Donald Trump for race relations in this country by creating racism where it doesn’t exist.


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3 thoughts on “Paid Liberal Propagandist Uses Atlanta Shootings To Bash America As Racist

  1. Oliver, like 90 percent of media leftists is a confirmed “racialist” – when your only tool is a hammer, all problems look like a nail. Their agenda is irrational, so logical discourse is out and the only tool they have left to push it is “race”.

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