Elliot Page Says Hollywood Career Blowing Up Now That She Can Play ‘Trans Roles’

It seems that “Elliot” Page’s career is blowing up since “coming out” as “transgender” months ago.

Comic Con

In an interview with Time Magazine, Page talks about how Hollywood has come to “him” with more roles than ever before now that the actor no longer needs to be “traditional female roles”

Page has appeared in many projects over the year but faced challenges landing female leads because she didn’t fit Hollywood’s ideal look for attractive female leads. Since Page’s Instagram post, “his” team is seeing more activity than they have in years. Many of the offers coming in to direct, to produce, to act. Some are trans-related, but there are also some “dude roles.”

Page seems exuberant about playing a new spectrum of roles. “I’m really excited to act, now that I’m fully who I am, in this body,” Page says. “No matter the challenges and difficult moments of this, nothing amounts to getting to feel how I feel now.”

Progressive Hollywood is ecstatic to have another “spokesperson” to use to push “transgender rights” in the world of mass media. All hali Elliot Page!


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2 thoughts on “Elliot Page Says Hollywood Career Blowing Up Now That She Can Play ‘Trans Roles’

  1. My only question is when will pedophile rights movement get their chance at movie stardom? Considering what some of the gender flipping stars have done to their children with zero objections from the Hollywood sewer inhabitants the “brave” and progressive pedos must be just off stage waiting for their chance.

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