Warner Bros Gives ‘Superman’ Reboot To A Racist Who Hates America

It wasn’t enough to kill Captain America, now they want to kill Superman too.

Deadline Hollywood confirmed earlier today that author Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing a Superman reboot feature for Warner Bros and DC, which J.J. Abrams is producing under his Bad Robot label.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is an anti-American racist who holds a disdain for American values and white people, but he gets a pass from progressives by disguising his hatred as “criticism of white supremacy”.

Some of Coates’s greatest hits over the years has includes calling 9/11 first responders who died in the act of saving lives during the worst terrorist attack in US history “Not human” for their playing a part in the oppressive system.

Ta-Nehisi Coates at the University of Virginia during the MLK Celebration 2015

He’s referred to “White America” as a “syndicate” designed to “dominate and control our bodies.”

Coates wrote a piece for The Atlantic back in 2018 titled “I’m not black, I’m Kanye” where he attacked rapper Kayne West for supporting then President Trump and went as far as to say that not only is Kanye “not black” but not being a progressive means that he wants “White Freedom”.

Oh there’s more…

When Coates wrote the Captain America comic book a year later, he had Steve Rogers, the symbol of American Patriotism, denounce the United States of America because the President of the United States was a Russian Agent…this is who Warner Bros has hired to write it’s next Superman blockbuster film.

Warner Bros

We live in a world now where people like Gina Carano can get fired because she dared challenge the notion that the LGBT community are the biggest group of victims since the Jews of the 1940s. However, people like Ta-Nehisi Coates can be as racist and un-American as they please because Coates knows that he can always fall back on his race and play the “victim of white supremacy” card if anyone ever calls him on his bullshit.

Make no mistake, Warnermedia hates you just as much as Disney does and they are about to prove it to you in real time.



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5 thoughts on “Warner Bros Gives ‘Superman’ Reboot To A Racist Who Hates America

    1. Every one of his movies (with the exception of The Force Awakens) has an anti-American and/or anti-military theme to it. All of the villains of his movies are only evil because the military or heroes wronged them in the past. That’s literally the only plot twist he can come up with, “we created the monster we’re now fighting!”

  1. Ta-Nehisi Coates may be a racist, but according to critical theory – which is now the progressive theory de jour – it’s not only fine but highly progressive. The key is if it’s against the correct races. My personal opinion is that there’s a shortage of actual white nationalism in the country for the left to use as a boogey man and CT is designed to substantially boost that demographic. I also note that no date is attached to this project as near as I can see which means it could just be a piece of Warner virtue signaling which will die in development hell. = the DC “Bloodbath”.

    1. Not to mention, Warner Bros might have announced this to try and make sure the Justice League Snyder Cut loses momentum because it was their employer AT&T that stepped in and announced it.

  2. I thought I could ignore him by not reading a single comic. I heard of his book getting turned into a movie and at that point I thought to just mind ny business. Should’ve know it would bring us here. He must be BFFs with master racebaiters Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan.

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