Former Congresswoman Pushes Hollywood To Create More Anti-Gun Propaganda

It looks like Hollywood’s target demographic isn’t movie goers, but government politicians.

Hollywood has long turned into to a hub where progressives create propaganda to gaslight and normalize far-left ideas to the masses and the issue of gun control is not one they are a stranger too. Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords seeks to use television and movies to create a bigger anti-gun narrative going into the new year.

In an interview with Variety magazine, she said that one of her goals for 2021 is to see Hollywood writers and producers use their media platforms to push gun control.

“One of Giffords’ priorities for 2021 is to forge relationships with writers, producers, celebrities and decision-makers in Hollywood who can leverage their powerful platforms to speak out against gun violence, call for commonsense laws and support local community efforts to raise awareness about gun safety.” Variety reports.


When asked specifically about the role she hopes Hollywood will play in the gun control push, Giffords said:

Stories are important. Elected officials use them to help get their points across, and for centuries artists have used them to inspire, make us understand points of view different than our own and bring people together. Hollywood and the arts are vitally important to helping us through a period of isolation, bitterness and divisiveness.


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2 thoughts on “Former Congresswoman Pushes Hollywood To Create More Anti-Gun Propaganda

  1. Time, once again, to point out how often hypocritical Hollywood exploits gun violence in their “entertainment” product as a dramatic hook in order to make money.

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