In the face of the biggest censorship purge in modern history by billion dollar mutli-national corporations, UFC top contender Jorge Masvidal has had enough of Twitter.

Masvidal has threatened to leave Twitter after United States President Donald Trump was banned permanently from the social networking platform, along with a dozen other members of the Silicon Valley Kabal. Masvidal directed his statement at the platform’s founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey. on Twitter.

“Not too many places I ain’t been kicked out of, and since all the cool kids have been kicked off Twitter… Jack Dorsey. Follow the leader. Ala din my way out of here #supernecessary,” tweeted Masvidal.

Mega corporations such as Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, and many others are not only purging Pro Trump voices from their platforms but they are actively undermining other platforms to make sure they are move to competitors.

In the face of the biggest wave of censorship we have ever seen, it is important more now than ever to turn to alternative technology and media to remove ourselves from the boot of homegrown corporations who are undermining the country they profit from.

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