New York Allowing Less Than 10% Capacity For Bills Playoff Game So That Gov. Cuomo Can Attend

Last week, the Buffalo Bills clinched a spot in the playoffs by winning the AFC East division, a feat they have not pulled off since 1995. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made the comment shortly after their win that he wanted to attend the Bills first home playoff game in 25 years.

Three days ago, Cuomo said the following:

“I want to attend a Bills game,” Cuomo said on a conference call.

“I’ve attended them in the past it was a great game Saturday, by the way — that was just unbelievable. I mean really incredible. You almost sense the energy and the optimism and the confidence, the way they played (Saturday,) and Josh Allen was just unbelievable.”

There was only one problem with Cuomo’s plan to attend a Bills game…thanks to Cuomo, no Bills fans are allowed to attend ANY games. The Governor of New York has overseen one of the strictest lockdown orders in the entire country as his state has the most COVID related deaths in the entire United States of America.

New York State has three NFL teams: The Bills, The Jets, and The Giants…none of which have allowed any fans to watch any of their games this season due to Cuomo’s own lockdown orders. New York City isn’t even allowing struggling restaurants to have outdoor dining due to the states overreaching mandates. But how can Andrew Cuomo attend a football game in a state in which he himself has banned all other football fans from attending? The answer is now suddenly Cuomo wants to allow a small number of fans to attend the Bills playoff game in order to take the heat off himself from going to the game.

Days after announcing his intentions to see the Bills, Cuomo announced a plan is being reviewed which would allow 6,700 fans to attend the Buffalo Bills upcoming playoff game. New Era Field in Buffalo, which has a capacity of over 73,000 would potentially allow less than 10% capacity for the Bills playoff game in a plan that allows Cuomo to attend a game and not worry about people calling him out for banning real Bills fans.


The plan would be contingent on rapid-result coronavirus testing, and contact tracing.

“You could show up a half an hour before a football game, and get a test, and go into a game,” Cuomo said.

According to Breitbart, If approved, the plan would involve testing fans before the game and conducting contact tracing if the virus spreads within the stadium.

“We’re exploring some options,” Cuomo stated. “The Bills proposed 6,700 fans for their upcoming playoff game. The New York State Department of Health is working on a model where fans get tested on the way in and contact traced after to see what the effect is.”

The plan would need to be approved and all resources needed would need to be in place before January 9 at the latest. The Bills have clinched their first home playoff berth in 25 years and will play the game on either January 9 or January 10.

What a dirtbag.


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  1. I believe Cuomo is being groomed for a Presidential run. Once Biden goes to the nursing home Cuomo will easily beat out Harris – by far the worse candidate in the last Democrat nomination contest.

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