SCALPED: Cleveland Indians Change Name To Please White Liberals On Twitter

Thanks to Twitter and the professional liberal victims who use it, two major sports franchises have been forced to change it’s name to please self hating white liberals on Twitter…and it’s all downhill from here.

For 105 years, The Cleveland Indians were one of the most storied franchises in the history of sports. For 105 years, no one had a problem with the name and celebrated the Tribe through movies, television, pop culture. But let something exist for more than 10 years and liberals will find something offensive about it.

According to white liberals, using Native Americans mascots is racist in any context and any team that uses natives mascots should be removed even if actual native groups have stated for decades that they do not give a shit about the name of sport teams themselves. But that is not good enough for white liberals who are still trying to atone for Christopher Columbus finding a country that they hate so much so change had to be made.

The progressive left forced the Washington Redskins to change their name after Nike refused to sell Redskins jerseys until the change was made, they are now known as “The Washington Football Team”. Now the Indians are next, you give the left an inch they will takeover the entire football field because no one has the balls to tell them “No”.

With the Indians name change, progressives already have their sights set at changing the name of every sports franchise that offends them and they are going to succeed. The Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Blackhawks, Florida State Seminoles…all of your favorite franchises will change their names in the coming months. Even the franchises that aren’t native Americans such as the Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres, New England Patriots, and Dallas Cowboys will be forced to change their name soon because we have surrendered control of our society to the permanently offended.

The age of sports is dead, as sports team kneel in support of violent communists, refuse to play games because violent sex offenders get shot by the cops, and change their names in order to please people who don’t even follow the sport on Twitter; one thing is clear…progressives destroy everything they touch. With no one to stand up to them, the destruction of our nation’s pastime will only be accelerated.



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2 thoughts on “SCALPED: Cleveland Indians Change Name To Please White Liberals On Twitter

  1. This shows that the white leftists are the real racists since they don’t even listen to the native groups. Jack Dorsey allowed this behavior to go on. And he belongs in jail for letting this Far Left terrorists hijack sports.

  2. Personally, I kinda like “The Fighting Whiteys” for a new name. Seriously though, twitter is a malignant program which promotes a form of anti-social mental illness. It would be interesting for a single sports company (or any company) to simply stop listening to twitter, require that all their people under contract not use it and see if they are under less social pressure to obey the mob.

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