Margot Robbie Wants Female ‘Jack Sparrow’ Character To Be Gay

In Hollywood’s quest to make over a quarter of all characters you see on television and movies gay, Actress Margot Robbie wants part of the LGBT community…on screen.

Hilary B Gayle

Disney has been hellbent on remaking Johnny Deep’s classic character ‘Jack Sparrow’ of The Pirates of the Caribbean as a female for a number of years as the actor’s legal troubles have taken the spotlight. Before Margot Robbie has had an opportunity to screen test the character, it looks like another change is around the corner.

According to a report in Express, the newest star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, is vying for her character to be LGBT. Margot, the new Jack Sparrow, would like to take her brand new pirate in an LGBT+ direction to spice up her character a little bit more.  The Australian actress revealed her excitement on playing the new part promising ‘a lot of girl power’ as she and Christina Hodson, director of the feminist Birds of Prey flop take over the franchise.

RLJE Films

It remains to be seen if the feminist LGBT remake of Pirates of the Caribbean will hold the same financial success as the Depp films.


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5 thoughts on “Margot Robbie Wants Female ‘Jack Sparrow’ Character To Be Gay

  1. Apparently, Margot Robbie learned nothing from Birds of Prey’s box office failure if the rumor is true.

    1. If her goal had been to sell tickets, she would’ve learned. But her only goal is to cram an agenda down people’s throats.

  2. Why not have Zoe Saldana reprise her role of Anamaria from the first POTC movie and have her be the star? She was a great character played by a much more likeable actress who hasn’t already screwed up one franchise. Oh right, because these people don’t want good characters in their stories, they want to gender-swap existing ones to make them more woke.

    1. You’re giving them ideas. Guarantee they’ll bring back this C-list (although neat) character to generate any sort of semblance of the older films. It’s all Disney can do at this point with their rehashed ideas.

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