The King Governor of California has spoken, and he has decided that while Hollywood will be able to make their multi-million dollar blockbusters, the peasants won’t be allowed to watched said movies at your local theaters.

As California re-entered another round of overreaching government lockdowns in the age of COVID, Gavin Newsom (D) has reportedly decided to exempt the state’s signature industry from his lockdown mandate, allowing film and TV shoots to continue.

A report from Deadline Hollywood states that the governor’s latest order doesn’t apply to the entertainment production industry, which is on the list of “essential work” and is thus exempt from the rule.

Gov. Newsom’s order requires the vast majority of the state to stop all non-essential work, travel, and gatherings between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. every day through December 21. The order affects Californians in “purple-tier” counties, where coronavirus cases are rising the fastest.

Meanwhile, movie theaters remain closed until further notice as Newsom’s order forces them to cease operations. Los Angeles theaters have been closed since March as Los Angeles County has never left California’s “purple tier” indicative of widespread infection.

The Sacramento and San Diego theater closures will remain for several weeks. According to California’s system, counties must remain in each tier for at least three weeks before they can even be eligible to shift into a less-restrictive one — and even then, can only do so if their COVID-19 numbers improve for at least two weeks.

While studios like Disney will be able to produce nine-figure blockbusters, theater owners, workers, and the people are stuck in the cold waiting for their King to allow them to enjoy themselves and make a living again.

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