Marvel’s Avengers Game Loses Almost 50 Million Making Kamala Khan A ‘Star’

In a report by Bounding Into Comics, Square Enix has reported that their recently released Marvel’s Avengers title under performed significantly, resulting in a $48 Million loss for the Japanese video game holding company.

David Gibson, the Chief Investment Advisor and Founder of Astris Advisory, a Japan-based market analysis firm, crunched the numbers and stated that the report implied Marvel’s Avengers “only sold 3m or so” and cost “closer to $170m-$190m” to produce.

“Why someone didn’t say stop post the multiplayer beta will remain a mystery,” said Gibson, before noting that “Square are adamant they can make a recovery.”

Marvel’s Avengers game was seen as the brand’s first true attempt to push Kamala Khan (The New Ms. Marvel) as a mainstream character.

Last year, Crystal Dynamics Community Manager Meagan Marie confirmed Kamala Khan was the character to reunite the Avengers. The story is about Kamala reassembling the Avengers, who disbanded after their failure in San Francisco, because she believes they’re the only heroes who can stop the evil tech corporation Advanced Idea Mechanics (aka AIM) from subjugating the world. Khan’s rise to being a superhero inspires the world that needs a hero.

“Kamala is an unapologetic fangirl, one of the traits we most love about her. Kamala wears her passion on her sleeve making her relatable for many of us at the studio, and for fellow fans worldwide.”

While critics couldn’t get enought of Kamala Khan, the game itself received lukewarm reviews along with disappointing sales.


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2 thoughts on “Marvel’s Avengers Game Loses Almost 50 Million Making Kamala Khan A ‘Star’

  1. 2013: Marvel introduces new younger MUSLIM superhero with a huge splash to appeal to the social justice audience. Any negative comment on social media is blown up into a big deal and the character becomes a “thing” with the “woke” set.

    2020: “Woke” characters begin losing their popularity with a new generation of comics readers, which tend to turn over roughly every 8 years.

    Non adapting corporations go out of business.

  2. If they would just admit that some B-List hero not heard of deom the 80’s.. hell Butler Jarvis would have been a better choice than Kamala! No one who thinks “I wanna be an Avenger” is not going to be pissed when you bait and switch them with the ugly friend of Squirrel Girl.

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